How to Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing

How I make ~25k a month online passively =

This is a tutorial for best and cheapest way on how you can create a website for affiliate marketing. The answer is easy… It’s wordpress site and i’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it with no steps left out.

Hostgator =

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I like this method because its fast, easy, and cheap. Once you master this method you’re gonna be able to put up a website in a matter of a few minutes.


33 thoughts on “How to Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Over the years hostgator has reduced resources,employees,customer service just to maximize their profit.
    Don't use hostgator guys.

  2. Did anyone catch on that this is an affiliate marketing link he is taking us to? I dont mind as long as he would have told us from the start!

  3. hi justin, you mentioned that you have purchased multiple baby plan packages for your websites. Why is this when the baby plans allows you to host multiple websites? cheers

  4. Is there such a thing as building a website where one can promote several affiliate offers and optimize with keywords from each offer. I don’t want to pay for ten different sites promoting ten offers.

  5. Newbie question – So, when the person visiting your website clicks on the link and gets taken to Amazon or that drug company website, etc .. and buys does that get connected back to your website so you get the affiliate payment. I didn't see a mention of putting in any API codes or anything when making the WP site. Am I missing something?

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