19 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates By Franklin Hatchet | Affiliate Marketing Course Review!

  1. So how much does it cost with the actual website build up + the plugins? None of you (affiliate promoters) actually discusses that in your reviews of affiliate programs, and trust me, I've done a very thorough and broad yt research

  2. I appreciate your review. Just a quick question. If I buy this course and I'm willing to invest in Paid Advertising to see results quicker than the Free Methods, then how much Ad budget would I roughly need to see success?

  3. Hi, I wanna join affiliate marketing courses which will be guided by Franklin, If I join somebody will be available to talk one to one in depth about affiliate marketing….Thank you!!!

  4. Hey Lyndsey, really confused. I'm going to buy ONE course to start with. Funnily enough it's come down to Greg Jeffries or Savage – criteria is that I'd rather make money sooner than later (hard work included ofcourse) I get the bens of the comprehensive nature of the Savage course …. but it's more a case of getting something in the bank before progressing further. Hope that makes sense…
    Any thoughts?

  5. Hey Lindsey ! Do you think this method of affiliation works well ? Did you make any good commissions through the current 180 viewers ? And can I get a help knowing where else you do affiliation for these products ?

  6. Awesome video dude! I was actually considering buying this course myself. I've also bought lots of courses from $5 to $1000 but mostly on Amazon FBA or Shopify. Only starting to look into affiliate marketing and haven't bought a really good course yet that I would recommend.

  7. I've been pondering about this specific coarse but I want to make sure that it is still current training. I saw his latest video seems since 2018. Please give me your thought more about this. thank you.

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