Matt Diggity Reviews Survival Front [Affiliate Website Audit]

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In this video, I sit down and do a review of Gareth Daine’s public case study website:

We take a look at Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, Technical, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Human brain

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30 thoughts on “Matt Diggity Reviews Survival Front [Affiliate Website Audit]

  1. Hi Matt,

    One question I had is I noticed some listings like Empire Flippers want listers without an authorship. Is this something to consider if you are thinking about flipping or exiting a niche? I thought about flipping one to get several then grow them. My current site hides the bio info right now, but I can add it given I have books I collab'ed on and authority links.

  2. Awesome stuff Matt! This gives me a lot of confidence in doing another niche. I have one right now that is doing very well and want to try another. What are your recommended themes and website builder at this time?

  3. Suggesting someone get a fake address for Google My Business is pretty lousy advice considering the recent crackdowns in the future crackdowns yet to come. I was surprised to hear that coming from you, honestly.

  4. Great video Matt on CTR. I also have an issue with keeping a consistent color pallet and differentiating the action buttons. Many of my sites are similar to the SF site, so I'll need to update them. Thanks for the walkthrough on the workflow for updating the site from a link and on-page SEO perspective. It was great info.

  5. Nice video as usual Matt.
    When you talk about EAT and going as far as getting a GMB profile for your affiliate sites, do you mean going as far as getting a fake address verified for it?

  6. Great audit / review. Loved the color wheel tip for conversion colors and agree on testing out switching up the guides -> product reviews on the homepage.

  7. Dope video! Some nugs from the video for anyone reading the comments:

    Easy/cheap pillowing links:

    – Use a physical address (real or fake) and create a GMB for your site. Build/buy citation links.

    Creating site credibility/authority:

    – Add "as seen on" logos on the homepage from authority sites that have linked to you.

    – Implement author schema.

    – Add social media links to your about page.

  8. I agree completely about the content issues being overall confusing.. When I visit pages's like that, I just want to know what the best item is and have them in a logical ranking order.. That was obviously lacking here..

  9. Terrific video! Lots of stuff to learn and take heed of. Always good to learn from people who've been there and done that. I liked the schema part (different authors). It is so subtle but could be an issue.

    Lastly, SurferSEO is something I'm liking these days too.

    Thanks Matt and looking forward to more such videos. πŸ™‚


  10. It was great to see the things you look for straight away. Some great tips to take from this video. Looking forward to seeing the website owner make the changes and seeing the results. Subscribed πŸ™‚

  11. One of the most useful videos I've watched lately. Great tips.

    I'll pray that you get bored more often so you can do more of these hahaha …

    Thanks for sharingπŸ‘


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