NEW Streaming "Affiliate" Programs.. SPONSOR OR SCAM??

Every small streamer wants a sponsor.. are companies taking advantage of that and ripping them off? Honestly, sometimes kinda, yeah.




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20 thoughts on “NEW Streaming "Affiliate" Programs.. SPONSOR OR SCAM??

  1. I am a personal fan of razer and really wanted a laptop and found out about their streamer program so I signed up and tbh I'm not disappointed. Yeah it's probably a scam but eh whatever

  2. I have a question. Do you get charged for signing up for the Affiliate Program. I was watching another video and he said you get charged 25$ if you don’t make 100$ and I was scared

  3. Weird question but I a have been streaming on twitch for almost 2 years now and have been trying to become an affiliate so badly could you please help me out by doing anything you can to help me out. I have the followers thanks to all my friends but I can’t seem to get the average viewers my twitch is lalbrady

  4. I stopped two years ago, recently coming back on my new and featured stream. I know what you mean and glad your explaining this. This is a serious deal business's do this to make a quick buck. Think about a billboard on the highway. Gets views of people passing everyday. Your the billboard advertising someone's product as a streamer. The billboard on the side of the highway is making money for advertising.

    Your the billboard.. If you get enough people to see your billboard. Your worth value to a company. If they get that billboard for free because you wanted that gaming Monitor that was 700$ for free to use for their advertisement. If they sell 2 of those out of your advertising. They make double what they invested.


  5. Would love to show you our affiliate program. Make money on first sale and every additional sale for the lifetime of the account. Products are purchased monthly and every gamer, streamer, vlogger should be buying this every month to prolong their careers. comment back if interested.

  6. is it just me or does clout sound like a disease.
    Like man if you got some serious clout.
    You should go to a hospital and get it checked out.

    clout = gout

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