How To Make Money Online Without A Marketing Funnel – The Affiliate Marketing Review Site Strategy

Affiliate marketing was my first journey into the world of making money online and there is still huge potential to make money with affiliate marketing today… This strategy is simple and low cost to start!

Affiliate marketing is a way to receive commissions when people purchase items through your links… To learn more about how affiliate marketing works and how to grow a successful affiliate marketing business, watch this video next:

The easiest way to build out an affiliate marketing business without a marketing funnel or dealing with building an email list is to build out a review website where you review items that people are actively searching for.

How do you know what people are actively searching to buy? Keyword Research!

I’ve covered how to do keyword research in depth in this video:

The key is to publish a ton of content and to get good at SEO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is the proverbial short cut to getting traffic with this method and outranking your competitors on Google and YouTube.

IF you need help learning search engine optimization, check out the review from my favorite SEO course that I’m currently taking in this video:

Your content needs to help the user who is actively searching for a product, product reviews or product comparisons to get the information they need in order to help them make an educated decision.

In the video, I share some tips on what types of items you want to review… I also share where you can build these relationships beyond just being an Amazon affiliate…

And finally, I share a resource that is full of case studies, tips and tricks for how to execute this exact method quickly and to maximize your reach and revenue based on the effort you put in.

Whether you start with this method or with a funnel based affiliate marketing website, the trick here is to get started!

Really, success requires perseverance, patience, execution and the most important step is taking that first step and getting started!


22 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Without A Marketing Funnel – The Affiliate Marketing Review Site Strategy

  1. Very helpful as usual! i have a question though, how can i make video marketing for this kind of review websites while i don't have the product itself? is it possible? there are a lot of things that i know a lot about and i can do a really good review about it but i don't own it because it's out of my price range to be honest. i have been searching for that for a long time now and all what i found is actually lame ideas that doesn't give good impression about the brand. so, if you can help with that i would be really grateful.

  2. Reddit is also a good place to find out the physiological attributes of your customer avatar. Find out what they're reading, what interests them. (by looking at the number of upvotes, posts with most upvotes) and What doesn't interest them (low upvotes). That can help us create the avatar and we can create content based upon what they like to read. What are your thoughts about this Miles? As usual awesome video. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Hi Miles, great video as usual, but I agree with your preferred strategy of using your opt in page/thank you page funnel strategy to build your list and relationships and trust. One quick question: Do you perhaps have a list of recommended affiliate sites. I know about Clickbank you really like, as well as Amazon. A lot of affiliate sites come up when you Google, but I trust you having so much experience with affiliate marketing, can recommend a handful of sites that stand out for affiliates. Sometimes, Clickbank do not cover all niches and categories. I also am hesitant in putting all my eggs in one basket. Any list of recommend sites?

  4. Hey Miles – another great video! I'm an AHPro member and also heard your podcast interview with Mark recently. That was fun! I do have a question for you. I'm helping a friend set up an authority site where he'll sell some of his own products, but most of his income will come from affiliate commission (probably not just Amazon, but some higher end stuff). He wants to bring his attractive character to the site (awesome), but he's not so hot on having product review posts. I think he feels they're cheesy. So, he just wants to use skyscrapers to rank "value posts", and then only wants ads/banner in sidebars, or within value posts to sell affiliate products. I'm concerned about this knowing that Gael and Mark teach that Best X of Y review articles are the money makers (similar to what you're saying here about review sites). Do you have any feedback on this approach? I'd appreciate your viewpoint.

  5. dude you are always giving out golden nuggets. Juststart on reddit is such a great community, another one thats good for people starting with affiliate marketing is a Facebook group called Cloudliving.

  6. You don't even need a website, right? Most YouTube reviews have clickable Amazon links in their descriptions. Guys like Casey Neistat making 5-digits a month easy off his amazon affiliate links. And all his gear is sent to him for free.. Dude has the life..

  7. Miles, I love your videos and philosophy. I was looking at your videos searching for a google adwords training. I couldn't find one. Can you make one or if you have one already, can you link me to it please?

    Thanks a ton

  8. Hey Miles, awesome content, I have subscribed and watched tons of your videos and they very informative and inspiring and I thank you so much. I recently purchased an affiliate marketing course and have a couple questions.

    !) I want to run facebook ads to 3 complete different products and perhaps my own ebook in the near future and I know i have to create a page for each individual product but I do not know where to start. Do I open up a "business ad manager" immediately, to manage the pages and start doing the ads for each product? Or do I just do it normally from my profile account from the "ads manager" and create ad and assume it will let me have multiple ad accounts. I don't know where to start since I do not know the full difference between 'business ad manager' and regular 'ad manager'. i read the Facebook assistance stuff but it is really complicated. What do you recommend Miles?

    2) Can i use my same debit card to pay for all the different ads to the different products or will facebook ban me? I read that Facebook is extremely cautious when it comes to the same card on different business ads because they might think that i used the businesses debit card to make unauthorized uses/purchases of it on other stuff and I do not want to get in trouble and have my ad privilege banned. Thank you Miles!! You are the best!!

  9. Out of the park home run once again MB. I like the fact that you still give information about things that you're not totally fond of. Thanks.

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