How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing – YT Supremacy Review

My YT Supremacy Review, this is a training course that teaches you how to make more money faster by promoting affiliate products on youtube than compared with youtube adsense monetization. My youtube videos usually make about $5 per 1000 views with adsense, and with affiliate review videos I can earn $50 -$200+ per 1000 views! And with affiliate review videos, you can get started right away. With youtube adsense monetization, it takes a year or more just to be approved!

If you want to learn how to get started doing affiliate product reviews, I recommend checking out YT Supremacy πŸ‘‰

The creators of YT Supremacy are youtube affiliate marketers themselves and they provide real examples from their own youtube channels which you can easily follow.

If you want to try out YT Supremacy, I’d appreciate it if you
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I am putting YT Supremacy in my List of GOOD πŸ‘‘ products I recommend, see all other top quality products I reviewed here: πŸ‘‰

I regularly review new marketing products, and unfortunately a lot of them are pure junk! I have a separate list for that called the List of CRAP πŸ’©, see the full list of marketing products to avoid here:

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing – YT Supremacy Review

  1. Wish I can Earn 100$ in Every month from YouTube So I can Pay my Bills But It's Very difficult to Earn Money Online I'm in Trouble in My Life God Help πŸ™

  2. 100 years ago, I signed up for Adcents. I was rejected. No worries. 10 Years later I applied again. This time, I was rejected again- but was told (try again)-its ok! I decided, I did n't want to do adcents anyways, because- I was rejected in the very beginning. But no worries. No hard feelings. YT Supremacy, I always wondered about this product. This was an Excellent review. I heard two things that I found interesting I want to comment on. I use a product called Teaser-took me over a week to make some progress-1st page Ranking a page. Yahoo!. After working very hard to make that happen, I suspected (i am new) but I suspected several YT channels would be needed. Why? I had no idea, but I suspected. Then someone showed me why having more than one account in different niches made sense. I could kick myself because I did not listen to myself to figure out the why. But when someone told me, I was shocked to finally understand. I was told to master one traffic source. Really dive into it. After learning stuff- I do not agree with that suggestion. The proxie stuff is a bit over my head, BUT. There is a good reason for it and "when you are new and learning to drive", ya kids gotta learn somehow. Thank god it was with my wife. I had no idea if I was going to make it home alive the way these kids drive today. The kids have to get a taste of proxies and stuff. Hey, everyone reading this – chime in. What is your 2 Cents about this YT Supremacy? Good job on the review! Q. Could you tell us more about VPN and youTube? Not sure if or why YT is needing a secure connection. Thanks in advance.

  3. Great video Leon, YouTube is goldmine for affiliate marketers and everyone should use it to promote their products, I sure results will be good.

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