I this Video.
I Talk a bit about Affiliate marketing
& Review Stream Store, Which Is a Platform/App/Plug in thing
That can Create you A fully auto customisable Dynamic Amazon
Affiliate Store..

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13 thoughts on “AFFILIATE MARKETING.. Stream Store (SCAM) Review

  1. I bought the Stream Store software back in January 20202, the tutorials given are by someone who doesn't really speak good English. So they were no help to me. I only paid $27.00 so no big loss for me… So, any advice would be helpful. Thanks…

  2. Hi Buddy, I am getting involved with affiliate marketing and I think this has been revamped and now called stream store cloud, which does look amazing and some of the points you made regarding up to date pricing have been sorted according to there sales page, I can't seem to find any negative reviews on it anywhere perhaps you know of some? I think stream store cloud was released very recently like the end of 2019. If you know of any other affiliate business or something perhaps you are involved in let me know ! best wishes from a fellow Devonian come you chiefs!

  3. I appreciate you sharing your experience about this product……. such BS. It appears they have reissued a new version called Cloud Stream Store. I would surmise they have reworked the software and put a new face on it……. have you seen it yet.

  4. Hi guys can you also help me get my refund from my purchase of this software because Sanders doesn’t want me to give a refund I just bought it last 2 days but I’m not happy with this software but he said they have their policy only if technical issue he will give a refund.

  5. Hi, yes two,three years ago I purchased streamstore. I did have loading problems after about two weeks. Honestly I don't know about the check out. I did email him and he didn't get back with me. I sent him a real heart to heart email and which I purchased off JVzoo and he cam in and fixed the problem. The site hasn't been back on for a long time because I had moved to where there wasn't internet. He did email me around four times after that and all was good. I have made another purchase from him called Ecompare 2.0 Pro. check it out I just received it and am setting it up. Check it out let me know what you think.

  6. Did you need approved Amazon API key to make this software work? If yes, It is a Big problem to get API keys from Amazon and AliExpress did not issue API keys anymore.- So without that API key, this software is useless.

  7. Thanks for the in depth review. Currently am trying to get into affiliate marketing through Amazon and ran across the video for Streamstore. It did, in fact, look like a store that would be an awesome to tool to have. I have to say that I was quite surprised about the review; however, the person behind the concept is quite brilliant and whomever did that ad has mad marketing skills. Just looking at the ad, will sell it hands down.
    Thank you for the review and upfront information

  8. I just bought it two days ago and it more or less sucks. How to change the logo, for example. Tried and looked and looked. Do not follow-up with inquiries. I want a refund. How does that happen? JVzoo is no help.

  9. You're right mate. I bought it (for next to nowt) and it is a right pile of c**p. The concept is good but it simply does not work properly, the themes are a mess, there are lots of 'upsells' to try to get folks to buy more and support and tutorials are virtually non existent. There are better Amazon affiliate products out there and anyone looking – do your homework first. Stream Store is a waste of your money.

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