WARNING! MailChimp Review: Marketers & Entrepreneurs Stayaway! (Why I left MailChimp)

Want to create awesome autoresponder sequences and sell your products? Then MailChimp IS NOT for you! In this MailChimp review, you’ll learn the 5 reasons MailChimp is terrible for marketers and entrepreneurs.

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4:29 – 2) Blacklists
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MailChimp Review | Why I left MailChimp?

MailChimp is a cloud-based email management service, basically an automation platform that provide you a way to create, manage, mailing lists, automated ad campaigns to your clients, potential clients, and more. Creating an account is free, and MailChimp is generous on its freemium services. As said, Using MailChimp has a lot of pros on it, such as powerful features, good designs, and more online resources available.

However, in this MailChimp review we will be focusing on its cons. Watch this MailChimp review to know if it is not the right tool for you.

MailChimp google reviews nowadays are seemingly not favoring them. A lot of users have a lot of complaints from its features up to product affordability.

MailChimp have its own stand on affiliate marketing. Users are limited on the things that they can market. Mailchimp have its strict policy prohibiting affiliate marketing. The Terms and Conditions of MailChimp seems a bit restrictive on users that mostly use affiliate marketing in their business.

Managing automations in MailChimp are not that easy, even though MailChimp capitalizes on its marketing automation, some of its features is a bit troubling for users. They are a bit behind on other companies that offers the same services.

A lot of users started using mailchimp for the reason that it is FREE. Mailchimp is altruistic enough in offering a lot of features for free users. However, when the time comes that you have to upgrade from free user to a premium user, you will be faced with an enormous increase in prices.

Though it is understandable to put a limit on the things that you can share, MailChimp in its policies have been a bit too binding and prohibitive. There is a lot of restriction on the list of allowed domains. If you are an affiliate marketer, there are many blacklisted domains that you are prohibited from.

Mailchimp is beginner friendly it caters a lot of small businesses. They provide them with good grasp on email marketing, great free templates for its users. However, sadly enough, they do not need the requirements and needs of large scale business.

After some time, you need to migrate your email marketing to other companies that offers the same services. If email marketing is an integral part in your business. You might have to learn to use other email management services such as Active Campaign, Convertkit, and Aweber.

Watch this MailChimp review and know the reasons why using MailChimp might be detrimental for your business.

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29 thoughts on “WARNING! MailChimp Review: Marketers & Entrepreneurs Stayaway! (Why I left MailChimp)

  1. MailChimp consistently blocks my campaigns for alleged violations of the Terms of Service with a vague note that offers no help or explanation. I teach kids to build mobile apps and all my content is my own, so there is no reason for MailChimp to block me. It appears their Omnivore robot has too many false positives. I have ditched MailChimp after this frustrating experience and adopted SendInBlue which has a simple interface and is working fine.

  2. im 18 and just getting started on email marketing, as someone who's only getting started it's difficult, i tried convertkit but felt that it was too complicated for me as a beginner so im going with mailchimp right now, any tips for me ?

  3. DON'T go by this video. I just canceled a very expensive email marketing competitor, and I get more from MailChimp for a lot less. It's not perfect, but it's definitely not bad. The third-party links and marketing. Why is that such an issue? I have my business, I'm marketing my own stuff, and that's it. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you're not going to please everyone all the time.

  4. HI Jason this video was very informative, I am now starting off with affiliating marketing with clickbank was so glad again i got the information needed from your video, what though would be the best option for me aweber?

  5. My company developed a new product line and we were introducing it to some of our customers that may be interested in it. I admit I created a new MailChimp account because we wanted to keep separate. When I "pushed the button" on our first campaign, MailChimp came back and blocked my account. Their reason was that introducing our company violated their terms. Back and forth emails (to a bot?) explaining it was a product not the company and that I had permission to send (I spent days making calls to get the OK) and they refused to look at the campaign or that our company was legitimate and in the industry. They then asked for invoices for the customers to prove ourselves according to their terms and conditions. That raised a big red flag for me. I'm using a different platform which we're using for free but will be upgrading to a paid plan soon. MailChimp's loss.

  6. Heyy! I am a new blogger and i want to do it for free in the beginning as i am not quite sure about it. Which email collecter should i use for free?

  7. I Just Found Out The Hard Way i paid to have linked in my site did a newsletter chipmunk I did a campaign and my account suspended under review do to content and text the no naked images or bad text its about dating well i dint not paid out big amount so one complained or the Digital software and it randomly choose an image or words so be warned

  8. I have an autoresponder sequence set up when someone signs on to my mailchimp. They receive a lead magnet after they opt in. But I notice that it often takes an hour before mailchimp delivers that lead magnet, which seems like it would be detrimental to list engagement. Does this sound correct? I can't find anything online about it. Wonder if there's some way to get that lead magnet delivery to be more instant. thanks, Jay

  9. So, what would you say is a very good email automation software as far as 'splitting audiences', targeting them and keeping track? Also, I want a software that allows me to integrate 'a count down clock', accurately unsubscribe users, etc. All things that make life easier… What's your recommendations?
    And also many thanks for this informative video and your response. Judit M

  10. Thanks for the Informative video Jason. Really helpful I must say. By the way, have you heard about Bulk Response? My colleague just started using it and he's talking about it all the time. Look into that as well.

  11. you are really of about the Affiliate Links. What Mailchimp means here are Targeted Blacklist Links which can harm your Reputation.The reason not to use these kind of Links is that all E-Mail Providers dont allow them. Basicly if you do Affliate Marketing be sure your Links are not listed on any Official Rigistered Lists. (Its all about Phishing Links / Abuse Links / Maleware Links ). I am not a fan of MailChimp but what every E-Mail Marketer should think of is the Delivery of the E-Mails if your E-Mail lands into spam its than worth Nothing. MailChimp is whitelisted on many Providers (especially in Europe and US) even it is not the best Mail Programm. Active Campaign is mostly Bad in Delivery and their Ips burn very fast. You should investigate your Information and not share false rumors. If you want to hear more about it we could talk a bit. But i recommend you using German Providers which have the best Reputation scores or Adobe Campaign. If you want to do Affiliate marketing be aware that "3rd Party" advertisement is not allowed by the most of all E-Mail Providers like Gmail / Yahoo and else, they will block your IPs and Mails wont reach their target.

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