Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Million Dollar Affiliate Shares His Secrets!

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Million Dollar Affiliate Shares His Secrets! Honestly, though, I want to talk about how I’ve made over $1,000,000 as an affiliate!

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In this Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, I’m going to be talking about one of the most reliable, consistent, and simplest forms of Affiliate Passive Income.

When it comes to being a successful Affiliate Marketer, too many go straight to wanting to make loads of cash on big commissions.

This is one way to make money with Affiliate Marketing, but when it comes down to it, you’re doing nothing different than working a job, in most cases…

Think about it. Big commissions require a lot of work. You need to have seriously strong ways to overcome some big objections, have a valuable reason for someone to buy through you, and all the time you spend on getting one sale and, for example, communicating through Facebook to make that big sale, you are working a lot!

Now, what I want to talk about, is how to do affiliate marketing the right way…

We don’t need to push and make huge commissions. In fact, if we can create a small micro-niche site with good content that takes an hour or two per piece of content, we can create content in our spare time that works for us.

This is done by learning how to create affiliate marketing review sites that work properly. You need to know who your audience actually is, and what the reader is looking for.

When you know this, you can write content that helps push them right on over to buy what they know they already want.

Be sure to watch this whole video, because there is a lot of tips, tricks, strategies, and more to help you create long-term passive income that grows exponentially with Affiliate Marketing!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

I love helping my community and audience out with any Affiliate Marketing, and will always make it a priority to get your questions answered.

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33 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Million Dollar Affiliate Shares His Secrets!

  1. I don't how I didn't get a notification from the "real " Spencer about this video. Tons of people are talking about you the last two years. The real genius man that make $1 mil in his sleep. Congrats man!

  2. Spencer this was an amazing video! That Ubersuggest alone is powerful. I follow neil and I remember another version of this (a couple of years ago). I can't believe this exists. You have given me some hope and motivation to keep trying. Thank you and keep putting out great content.

  3. I’m just chilling in bed ( it’s Saturday morning as I watch this ! ) . But most days I’ll try to get any ‘work’ out the way by lunchtime then see where the day takes me lol.

    Sometimes I’ll need to record or edit a new video or podcast. Maybe email my list , a few other bits and pieces on Fb etc.

    The beauty is that I now set my own hours, no boss telling me what to do , so it’s pretty cool.

  4. Hey Spencer I would like to promote Clickfunnels my strategy would be putting reviews by searching keywords as you mentioned in this video and also by doing solo ads for traffic to landing page and with bonuses for the free 14 days trail .Do you think it would work?And does solo ads work?What other paid ads work better?

  5. Hey love the value you add to videos. Just Re-starting my career with affiliate marketing after 6 yrs of gap (as I had no work/earn visa). Still need to join clickfunnels, are you having any bonus?

  6. I've been full-time in my e-com business for 7yrs, but have over the last 6 months started really pushing and doing affiliate marketing to compliment my other stuff. I actually enjoy it a lot more since I end up connecting with so many entrepreneurs. I'm doing it actively now, but am excited to finish watching your video to bring it to a more passive level. Thanks Spencer!

  7. I'd love to take my kids to school, go to the gym, come home work on my affiliate sites, eat a fun meal, sleep, wake up pick up kids, help them with their HW, do it all over the next day!

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