Review of Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Training Course by Kulwant Nagi

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Masterclass online course

Over the next few days, you will unlock some actionable, interesting and very educational modules. This Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course is for those who have completed the Blogging Blueprint 2.0 course. A step by step guide in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Each module contains 4-5 videos which will unlock every single day so that you take action after watching those videos.

This course is divided into 8 modules.

Module 1: Basic Knowledge (4 videos)
Module 2: Finding the Niche (4 videos)
Module 3: Keyword Research and SEO (5 videos)
Module 4: Writing Content which Brings Sales (6 videos)
Module 5: Email Marketing (5 videos)
Module 6: Driving Traffic to Your Affiliate Blog (5 videos)
Module 7: Search Engine Optimization – Link Building (5 videos)
Module 8: Miscellaneous (3 videos)

If you have any queries during the course, you can either ask questions just below the comment section on the video or simply send an email at

You will also access to private Telegram and Facebook group where you can ask your questions related to Affiliate Marketing.

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