How I Lost $53,125 With HostGator.. HostGator Scam Affiliate Program Review

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In all honesty, i thought long and hard about making this video. I never really make videos like this. I dont like to try and tarnish other companies names because i want to be supportive to all business’s. But quite frankly, this is total BS what this company is doing to all their affiliates and how they take away probably take away millions of dollars away from their affiliates.

By all means, this video isnt created to attack the company, but they really need to fix their program and explain to their affiliates that they are sorry and should re-work their entire program or close it

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33 thoughts on “How I Lost $53,125 With HostGator.. HostGator Scam Affiliate Program Review

  1. Damn ! I just started promoting Hostgator… have put so much work in it.. 🥵 but no way m gonna promote this shitty affiliate program.

  2. wow after seeing this, thank you for saving us the time & energy it would have taken to learn this the hard way staying clear of host gator years ago everyone used to promote them & everything actually still looks the same from the 90's they haven't upgraded or updated anything

  3. Thanks for sharing! I recently had a terrible service experience with HostGator in which they took no responsibility. Their lack of organization caused me to re-do several days of work for my client for free. (Of course, I wouldn't re-charge my client for something that was not their fault.) Next, I was invited to their affiliate program but my healthy dose of skepticism reminded me to look for reviews before diving in. I am considering moving my websites now. Thank you for the helpful and detailed tips!

  4. Wow missing that 53k really must have hurt your pockets if you went thru all that bitching and moaning polluting the YouTube waves

  5. Don't go for hostgator guys, SWEAR they will let you down many times as here
    Most of guys there are indians,.. they won't get your issue that clear.. they will screw your website again and again as they did to me
    there are many alternatives .. just dig deeper
    A sincere advice!

  6. Feel for you man! Was looking for a hosting company and will be going with Site Ground. By the way, I was also looking to start promoting a hosting company (Starting to make websites for people on Fiverr and Upwork). I applied to HostGator before watching this video and was turned down because I don't have a website or have enough traffic. What's needed in order to be an affiliate for Site Ground?

  7. Thanks for the video. I was about to sign up with HostGator but after seeing this. I will NOT. Hopefully someone with a brain from that company is watching and will be smart enough to make changes. Probably not….

  8. Haven't used siteground nor hostgator but this isn't a good video sorry to say. Business prospective the terms and conditions are there because through affiliate programs you aren't taking chances the businesses are. Through there money back guarantee they would lose if they pay you for bringing in a customer that decides to use that option there and a lot of that process not only the MBG but the process happens within the first 90 days. 1st problem with the information provided by this video. 2nd problem is if you provide someone that's been inactive from start to end do you really believe they'll renew no. There's no experience with host gator at that point to give them a chance to appreciate what host gator would have to offer. Any company of that matter. 2nd problem. I understand the reversal rates high but you commented on a sheet you had on your reversal rates. You started at (4:29) and proceeded to mention you don't understand how you have 11 people signed up and 16 people left… Come on man you just stated 11 was approved and 16 was reversed right before that. Man 27 people signed up and 16 people left which left you with 11. Then you express your emotional understanding of facts provided via email…

    Like I said haven't had experience with either one but have been looking at a lot of reviews. Your's has by far been the worst. Probably worst then the video at the beginning.

    This video was (in my trump voice) with ridiculous bullshit.

    Oh and one more thing…

    You provided statistics from 2017 for host gator and only showed month to date for siteground… biased move my guy. There's still time for all those that's pending to be canceled. You would've been better off showing a month back in February or January so we who view and would like to consider your review to be provided with solid material.

  9. Hey Darrel!! Love your videos, hey man, quick question, I know you are probably trying to stay away from that topic but… I have a client that needs an adult website, what do you recommend for hosting and payment gateway? I called both SiteGround and NameHero and it seems like they don't deal with any of that at all. Thanks for your time and for the great content!!

  10. Yep, I learned this the hard way. By the time I joined their affiliate program in 2013 they were to the point where commissions didn't even show up. I had a friend use my coupon code and when he bought hosting it didn't even appear on my dash board.

    I probably made them ten grand and and they ripped me off. While I'm ranting, I'll point out that the ShareASale network is a scam as well. Same with GrassCity and even Amazon. Be careful out there, guys.

  11. I 100% disagree with you. It is not about the money, you are not receiving commission for money, you are getting paid a finders fee, so you get hostgator clients. They need long term customers. That is why their commissions are really high. Otherwise the would have to pay you 5% of the money they get or even less

  12. Probably the biggest part that bugs me with what you showed is the if they aren't an active customer and site garbage. There is no time length listed on that. So if the referral quits 6 months down the road or 11 months or whatever length of time then you are SOL and they could take money back. There also didn't seem to be a lot of definition to those terms such as inactive could be interpreted as hasn't updated their site this month.

    It's bad business practice the way they do it. If they are going to take back money after that many days they probably should hold onto it till then and then pay it out. But that would be 90 days before an affiliate gets paid. Or they could do a partial payment over that 90days such as 33% of the amount each month it gets passed. That way if the referral only sticks around 2 months they don't need to do a charge back.

    All that said I personally haven't used them for myself. My experience with them is helping other people with their business sites and I haven't had any issues they have been fast to resolve the issues I brought them. In truth most those issues were mostly brought on by the customer not knowing what all to do or they hired a crap developer who's mistakes I am cleaning up for them.

  13. hy @Darrel Wilson i also want to join an affiliate program of web hosting companies… suggest me which is best and not fake… you like siteground??? can i start with this… siteground is still reliable or not???? please suggest me

  14. Be sure to read honest and real reviews left by real users on my blog before you signup for Hostgator, please go to my blog here – ForestReviews. com/hostgator-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Ace

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