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The Four Percent Success Challenge (now known as Affiliate Marketing Academy) is a training program on how to do affiliate marketing step-by-step, starting from complete scratch. Vick Strizheus, a world-class internet marketer and the founder and CEO of Four Percent, created the Success Challenge to help ordinary people learn and master affiliate marketing as well as how to become more successful in business and life in general.

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The training program consists of 3 levels: Zero to 10k, 10k to 100k, and 100k to 1M. Currently, the only level available is the 10k Challenge (which to be honest is more than enough to get you up and running in affiliate marketing). Once you learn how to generate at least 10k in sales per month, you’ll be ready for the 100k Challenge and the 1M Challenge, which will be made specifically for people that are consistently generating at least 10k and 100k in sales respectively per month (those two levels will be available later in the year 2020).

The Four Percent Challenge is the best training program on affiliate marketing in existence, period.

Personally, I am a lifetime member! Long story short, Vick Strizheus introduced me to the digital marketing industry through Four Percent and helped me become an independent entrepreneur.

I didn’t know a thing about affiliate marketing or entrepreneurship before I joined Four Percent in July 2016.

And I really mean it when I say “I didn’t know a thing”. I didn’t know what “traffic” was or what “leads” were – not even basic internet marketing terminology.

I was completely brand new to internet marketing and business in general, however, I made a wise decision to learn and take control of my life and thanks to Four Percent and Vick Strizheus- I succeeded.

It all started with me taking action and joining Four Percent. 👉Start the Four Percent Success Challenge:



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