Affiliate Marketing: Building An Email List Via Affiliate Product Reviews

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In this video I explain why I use a separate domain name for my landing pages to collect emails.

1. Create your product review as an affiliate
2. Buy a domain name close to the product name (make sure no trademarks).
3. Set up landing pages on new domain to collect emails.
4. Set up thank you page with affiliate link to product you’re promoting.
5. Send emails to warm them up to buy products.

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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: Building An Email List Via Affiliate Product Reviews

  1. Just watched this. These are the little things that make a difference and there’s a huge amount of people missing this type of stuff as it’s an old vid. Not me though as I’m here scoping through your old content to find some new things to test in 2019. Great video Wazza. Hope your well. Have not seen you online for a while.

  2. I had a question about this. Okay so you said you make a review site then you create a spoof site of the product and you get their emails from there. I'm not getting this though. Why not just get their emails from the first review site? Second don't you lose customers by not linking to the affiliate? I mean we all know with each step of the funnel you lose people. Third I would imagine you might get in trouble for spoofing sites. Isn't that a copyright issue or against an affiliate link?

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