Advertising Bait Review – The Truth about affiliate marketing 2018 – free vacation

The truth about Advertising Bait Review and Digital Experts by Michael Mansell. Get your account setup here: to start giving away free vacation at Cancun resorts and Las Vegas Travel.

I’m personally using this to help me close 30% more sales in Easy1up (Easy 1up) and other affiliate marketing 2018 programs.

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I have been using Advertising Bait for a month now and it has dramatically increased my conversion rate for both internet marketing programs and increased my closing ratio for offline businesses.

I have been help local businesses such Real Estate Companies, Insurance Agencies, Car Wash Companies, Car Dealerships and many more. Advertising Bait can 10X your results for only $37.month.

Digital Experts is the parent company of Advertising Bait and they have a fantastic support department to help each of your clients.

Advertising Bait Scam has been reviewed by several marketing incentive agencies and the truth about advertising bait is spelled out in my review video of Advertising Bait.

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18 thoughts on “Advertising Bait Review – The Truth about affiliate marketing 2018 – free vacation

  1. If I were to become an affiliate, does that mean the clients I offer the free vacation certifications to are not subject to timeshare presentation under BookVIP? Thanks Michael.

  2. So why hasten't asked about the horrid reviews? the couples only policy due to the fact that its a timeshare pitch, blackout dates, not honoring combined stays etc… If you want to build an honorable company and take care of your customers it doesn't seem like this is the way to go…. I cant think of a faster way to piss customers off then lead them to a company that pulls this nonsense. just food for thought…. I see you are an affiliate for advertising bait. please let us know how many customers have come back to you with complaints about the service 🙂

  3. So…for $37/mo we get to "Give Away" Free Resort & Hotel stays, where customers pay all taxes…and then we get to join your facebook group, and watch videos on how "YOU" were able to obtain "US" as a customer?

  4. Ok, I've done a couple of these years ago when I belonged to a vacation club and YES, the only thing I had to pay for was the taxes for a 3 day 2 night stay in Weston, FL that cost me around $17. The only other thing I had to agree to was sitting in on a "Timeshare* presentation which wasn't bad since in the end, I got a voucher for 2 to a Hawaiian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale! Mind you I lived down there so it was a fun weekend getaway for me and my 8 yr old daughter!😁 It was fun watching the frustration of the salesman trying his darnedest to sell me a Timeshare that I could rent practically anytime I wanted…

  5. Hi Michael great dope! I signed up but never got the chance to upgrade to the annual for customization. Can you help me please? Kaveh in Tulsa

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