Affiliate Marketing Scam 2020 How To Spot It

Affiliate Marketing Scams (2018)-How To Spot it

I am talking about affiliate marketing scams 2018 and beyond because
as someone who has been scammed before , I know a thing or two on how spot online and affiliate marketing scams prette well.

That is why I believe sharing this information with you , will save
most of you from the misery of losing money and not looking like an idiot.

Most affiliate companies who are notorious for scamming people have certain characterisitcs in common. They have certain phrases they use to trigger response from their victims.

These are some the popular phrases they use:

-See how 1 homeless man went from $0 to $300,000 a month!

-“2 Google insiders expose a loophole in system that generates $1000’s!

-Effortlessly earn up to $10,000 monthly by answering survers from home

-“Create a successful online business in 30days or less with no effort.

-“How 1 complete newbie in online marketing went from nothing to making 6 figures in 180 days!

Their mode of operantis is the same .You’ll be told it only costs a little bit to join and get all the benefits but then later find out you need to buy $100’s or even $1,000’s worth of products to actually learn anything.

These are just some of the red flag you to look out for to be able to spot affiliate marketing scams 2018.
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  1. Exactly none of those types of vids never share step by step they just brag about how much they make n click on their shit then give up ur email then click this click that alllll bullshit

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