Wealthy Affiliate vs Digital Altitude Review – What Is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program


In this Wealthy Affiliate vs Digital Altitude Review I compare these two programs.

The video will also answer the question, “What Is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?” That’s Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion. It has turned thousands of total newbies to full-time Internet marketers. I am just one of of them.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate already for almost 2,5 years and I have really enjoyed their training and community. I have also discussed with tens of other WA members about their experiences which gives me even more insights to create this video.

About Digital Altitude… I have been through their Aspire Walker steps on their training program.

In addition, I have talked with Digital Altitude members and read/watched more than 50 Digital Altitude review articles and videos.

Here is a little recap of my Digital Altitude vs Wealthy Affiliate comparison:

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing: $359/year OR $49/month
Digital Altitude Pricing: $62,185 + upsells + $67/month (=$804/year)

= WA is more than 200 times cheaper

Digital Altitude owner Michael Force is a multi-millionaire but a little bit controversial person. Backrgound in controversial companies like Empower Network, Carbon Copy Pro and MOBE.

Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson have a good reputation and everyone respects their work.

3.Reputation of the Companies
Pretty much everyone praises WA.

Digital Altitude Reviews can be divided in two categories:
2.Those who say the truth about DA. Usually, people call it a product based pyramid scheme or a borderline scam.

5.Age of the Company
Digital Altitude is only around 1,5 years old.
Wealthy Affiliate is around 13 years old.

Does the training concentrate on promoting your own program?
Where is the focus?

People in both programs have got results. BUT

Digital Altitude members get mostly results by promoting their own program.

Wealthy Affiliate members make money by promoting whatever they want.

Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here:

Read my full Digital Altitude review here:


I hope you find this video useful and it will help you to make money online.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I’m more than happy to help you out!


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