The 10 Page Amazon Affiliate Website That Makes $20,000+ a Month!

Amazing! This is a famous case study, but I thought I would share it in video form if you’ve not heard about Subscribe for more videos like this –

It’s a well designed and researched website that shows you don’t need a ton of pages if you’re goal is to make a profitable helpful website.

Rather, your goal should be to focus on a combination of both the end user and search engines. This website is able to make such a good income because it ranks well for various, medium competition terms BUT ALSO really delivers on the end user experience.

The reviews are filled with attention to detail, making you trust the website but also making it easy for you to click over to Amazon.

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26 thoughts on “The 10 Page Amazon Affiliate Website That Makes $20,000+ a Month!

  1. Thank you for watching. This was one of my first videos as I was still trying things out to see what people like.
    Hope you enjoyed it and consider subscribing! Have a great day.

  2. My friends suggested I try Googling “Sοkinzοt Tdα” considering that I have been searching for a method to earn money that works well. Right after trying it, I grew to become a daily earner more than one hundred dollars. You should try it for your self. .

  3. I'm in Australia Joined Amazon Affiliate program about 4 or 5 months ago ,I have uploaded thousands of products on Pinterest and made up a website just to sell Amazon products, I have over 53,000 views on pinterest a month,and out of that 1000 click links a month but as yet Amazon summery says only 34 clicks how can that be , I have invested countless hours uploading products and time, and not a dime paid to me,you say you get paid monthly but it states you get paid 60 days and only after the product has been delivered . I have written to them with no response , I have also gone to the affiliates review page which I found on the net with what seems a lot of people in the same boat , I have worked so hard on this and where I live its impossible to find on going work . and had great hopes something will come out of this , also my friend bought a $400 bread machine off there so I know there is some sales anyways hope you can help

  4. this video has incredible value! Thank you! You should redo an UX case study like this one for different websites.

  5. I have a lead page that gives you access to my home page. The home page has different categories. The categories sell products not associate with amazon, but also have pages on that same home page that goes to Amazon products that I can sell. Do you think that type of website would be accepted by Amazon?  My home page will give people who visit my page the opportunity to start a business also.

    When I fill out a form to be an associate with Amazon. Does the example website I will be using as an Amazon Affiliate need to show the layout of the website, have functional categories links that navigate to the different pages within the website, and have the name  of my company at the top of the website page?

  6. oh! I LOVE the 'infinite' space of the internet too. Never heard of this site until you mentioned it. Have you heard of 'This is why I'm broke' can you review it?

  7. Hey! Thanks for the overview. I too LOVE to look at good website/apps design and try to understand – 'what makes them great?' I struggle with writing and wish someone else could write for me. I love making videos though. Anyways.. your voice is BOMB! you should consider making a podcast

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