Ministry of Freedom review | Week 6 Income Report | Jono Armstrong's affiliate marketing course

This is the first time in six week’s that I’m NOT putting in a link to promote Ministry of Freedom to others – watch the video to find out why…

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10 thoughts on “Ministry of Freedom review | Week 6 Income Report | Jono Armstrong's affiliate marketing course

  1. Curious how your doing now? Have you adapted and grown? At first its not all ROI, but perhaps learning and understanding the fundamentals of the program/networks/ systems.

  2. Great video mate! I just think getting your money back in 90 days trough product launching and launchjacking is a bit unrealistic when you’re just starting out. I’d love to see the results in a year when you keep launching a new product every 2 weeks or month and do launchjacking videos at the same time. I’m pretty sure in a year you could become close to a super affiliate yourself if you stay consistent. But hey that’s just my opinion…

  3. Hey there, you are doing great! You are double what I have made since I laid out the $2k for the MOF program. I am at $244.24 since joining. I have a whopping 15 subs. I sub'd to a bunch of people inside when that 'i sub you. you sub me' thing was going on inside the MOF FB page not sure if it was all reciprocated. IDK maybe, eh not sure. I am extremely disappointed with where I am at. I have spent more trying to rank than I have made on my launch jacking. $8.15 income but spent probably about that on seo clerks. There are several other things I am amiss about with MOF but probably not the venue. I did make a review video for your product but the sync was way off, I tried to download the apowersoft editor to fix it(that is the screen recorder I used) but it didn't download correctly. I then downloaded the Filmora set up and it crashed my computer and I spent all weekend trying to get it fixed. That's why I didn't get my review video out. Sorry I let you down. I uploaded it so you can see what I am talking about. I wish I had some amazing insight on how to make it work but alas I have none. Feel free to PM me on FB ….here is the link to the review video…

  4. I think you are point on with analyzing where you are w/ you're goals and journey. It can only get better from here. Good Work!

  5. Great insights Johnny. I agree with most of the things you say.

    Yes you are right in saying that you need a super affiliate to promote your launch. So the question is how do you get a super affiliate to promote your launch?

    Simple answer to that is you need to get them to notice you. How do you get them to notice you? By getting on their leaderboards, once you start making sales for the super affiliates, they will start sending you sales. That is what they call reciprocation in this business. From following your journey you have hardly made any sales for the super affiliates so why would they promote you?

    In my humble opinion you need to do more launch jacking videos, or find other ways to start making sales like using some form of paid traffic. Do that to start getting noticed by the super affiliates and then you will be good to go

  6. Great job taking action. When you build the membership site add a 2nd optin inside and link to other affiliate offers in the backend. I just requested you in WP.

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