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Affiliate Marketing Product Review Videos & Channel
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36 thoughts on “Learn Affiliate Marketing – Product Review Videos & Channel

  1. In a sense, I’m a product reviewer but I don’t just review it – I study it and drink it. #1 priority is maintaining integrity to tell the TRUTH about the product and not giving in to the pressure to receive free products in exchange for a positive review.

  2. Personally I’ve started this channel because gaming is something that I love to do. Thx for the tips, I’ll work my ass off in order to put out the content, grow the audience, and therefore monetize such audience with different products that use to play as well as the ads on the videos. Thanks Brian this info is gold!

  3. Love the new channel Brian!❀️ I’m only 25 subscribers away from being monetized!!!πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸŒŸ Thank you for all your great videos and adviceπŸ˜ƒ My question is… when you partner with a company who wants you to promote their product, which happens first? Do you reach out to the company or do they reach out first? Maybe both? What is the etiquette? I’m talking about receiving the product rather than an affiliate link. Thanks againπŸ‘

  4. Cool beans!! I review the products I am actually using in my videos. So far no income from that, but just like my subscriber count, the dam will start to burst!!?? Keep up the great work, Brian!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Do "make money online" channels get nerfed by youtube? It seems like they could be some of the most beneficial (if done right) but they don't seem to get pushed as much. You had 2k carry over subs from your other channel and these vids aren't getting tons of views yet even with as much of a veteran as you are. I notice mine and other similar channels are in the same boat…

  6. I like that you said choose one that you plug on a regular basis. I have a few pieces of equipment that I love and I keep thinking I have to review them. I realize that I can actually plug them in all the videos I use them in. Thanks for the idea.

  7. im late but sometimes work needs to go before learning πŸ˜€
    + i never knew how to get some product to review, should i go and just email like 100 different companys and what ?? (you should maybe make a vid about that)

  8. Any tips (other than the Amazon Affilliate) that a gaming channel can use for affilliate marketing? I use Amazon Affilliate now for the products that I use. Taking a page out of your book, I am not to sure about doing product reviews on my gaming channel as to not to confuse the subscribers. Thoughts?

  9. Hi Mr. G, cool video. I use Ebay Affiliate to advertise car products and tools I use in my video's. I have even started a website with all the gear I use and using Affiliate links as like a one stop place. So not only do I mention links in the description but I have put links to the website aswell. Do you think thats a good idea? Keep up the good content

  10. I was excited about using the Amazon influencer scheme you spoke about in your last video but after trying to sign up, they've removed YouTube from the social media options. Any ideas why? Here's the link https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/influencers. You can only sign up with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook now and I don't use those platforms. I review dashcams and get messages every day from people asking where they can buy them.

  11. Ok, I'm starting to dig you. I'm not exactly sure when, maybe it was when you were in "I'm telling you a secret mode", but it's going to change how I make videos, I can see that! I better take some vitamins, I'm going to need the brain cells… lol.

  12. I am going to to do 2 things this year. 1. Do what you suggest. 2. Feed a poodle or two. 🀣 Talk later as I am at work at my day job. 🌴Aloha

  13. I love the a6400 as well and that is what my channel is about. Is there a point of burnout for the subscribers if I just keep talking about the same product over and over again.

  14. If you notice a spike in retention near the beginning, that was me rewinding because of that thing on the top shelf. Is that a husky dog winter hat? Could be a wolf. Silver fox? Hang on, let me rewind again.

  15. There are two ways to do Affiliate Marketing on YouTube…. Review Products Videos vs Promote Products with Content Marketing with your Videos…. I still thinking that the second is better for a long term strategy to build a business with YouTube

  16. So for this gaming channel I could review those mobile games that pop up on ads all over the place, instead of just smashing the levels out to help people get through levels

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