How I Record My Screen To Make Affiliate Marketing Tutorials And Reviews

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to record your screen using a free screen recording software called OBS studio.

I use this screen recording software to record all of my affiliate marketing tutorials and affiliate review videos.

Download the blank image here:

[click the above link then right click on the white bar and “Save Image As”]


35 thoughts on “How I Record My Screen To Make Affiliate Marketing Tutorials And Reviews

  1. Thank you Jono!! You are going to be so loved by thousands if you continue to be open and informing, because most (if not all), of the so called "GURU'S", make sure they only give you some spin on a product, they spin it themselves, promise it is revolutionary, will make you rich, blah, blah, blah etc. You get the picture. So when you provide, TRUTHFUL info that we can sink our teeth into and see results fast, we become followers for REAL!!!!

  2. Hi jono thank for the video and I hope you er enjoying your holidays with the yr parent there. Please I just wanted to ask about making this very video cos I did everything as you instructed now the issue is after I finish and check the video manager the video doesn't look complete ( it always cut instead of the full clip I recorded).

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great info. Just wondering do you ever use the webcam along with the other dslr camera you have in making these videos and can you attach two cameras to the software you're using? Cheers.

  4. So you have two cameras connected the Logitech one and then it's another digital camera? So do you have the second one connected with obs or do you edit the whole video later.

  5. You are simply great. Thanks, Jono for the awesome video. If possible, please shows us the step by step process of Launch Jacking method. Waiting for your next video. Thanks.

  6. This is magic, such a great help.
    If you need to edit your video is it better to download to your hard drive
    Or once it is live streamed into YouTube can you edited the video within youtube before changing it to public,
    Can you edit within OBS
    Thanx for your help

  7. Dude…you're blowing me away with the content quality! You are truly a WEALTH of awesome, actionable knowledge, and it's greatly appreciated!!!

  8. Another great 5 minute video! Love the tips…Question: What made you get into the online business? What did you do in your first 90 days when you made that choice?

  9. Jono, just to to clarify. You create your video in OBS Studio first and that automatically saves to your hard drive, then you use the live stream feature in YouTube to upload your video from your hard drive as unlisted… Is that correct?

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