Affiliate Marketing Website Reviews Content with Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington is back to share with you what makes a great piece of Review content on an affiliate marketing marketing website.

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The interview with Doug:
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8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Website Reviews Content with Doug Cunnington

  1. Hey Alex, hope you are doing fine. I`ve got a issue and don`t know how to solve it. If you try to choose in article for example between black and white I can`t. It is not possible to click one and put the article in the basket. I`ve got this on both sites. What can I check? Thank you in advance

  2. Hi I'm using storefront theme and having problems with image sizes. I changed the size of them like you showed and it worked but when I put more products in the size would not change for the new items. I tried changing the size around and nothing worked.

  3. I have a quick question about the site I made with your videos, Why do i get this error Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 350232576) (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1841

  4. This video series and your other vids have really got me thinking about affliate marking ! So i have been searching domain names for my niche and and .com are not available. Does that matter? Would ".uk" be ok?

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