💲 ProfitBuilder Review 💲 Alternative for Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing 2019

💲 ProfitBuilder Review 💲 Alternative for Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing 2019

In this video I will show you the difference from Profit builder and Click Funnels, and all the features from Profit builder,
There is only a one time price if you use, Profit Builder, $67.00 and you own the product, vs Click Funnels at $97.00 per month, so watch the video and see why I choose Profit builder.

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4 thoughts on “💲 ProfitBuilder Review 💲 Alternative for Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing 2019

  1. Hello Mo,
    Well the thing is, they both are two different products, one you own, one you rent space, Clickfunnels is for someone who does not have time to setup hosting or anything else, but the product is great, now Profitbuilder is great also, for someone who want to be in control and own what you build,

    So they are both the best for the platform they were made for, I have many friends that use Clickfunnels, and want me to try it, but I don't have time right now, so always use what helps you, I was using instabuilder for long time, but the owner passed away, so things changed, but it is still a very good software to use, but I like Profitbuilder more,

    Anyhow I never used Clickfunnels, so It is not right for me to say anything, but being a tester for products, I might have to test Clickfunnels, that being said, I will only test it someday, but for moving my business over, no way, I always own my files, and I have a network of sites, so I have to own my stuff,

    ok sorry for long comment, to much coffee,

    Thanks For the comment.

  2. Hello….. do you know if Profitbuilder allows for tracking of Affiliates? And management of commission payouts? I tried to find an answer on the site of profitbuilder… can not find it… Or is "JV" (joint venture) an indication ? I just watched a video from Sean Donahoe.. about affiliation…. but it was about other platforms (?) …… So does ProfitBuilder support Affiliation Management or not? And how? Thank you for answering!!!

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