Review John Crestani Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Course

Here is a Link to the Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Course:

WeConnectWebsites reviews John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Affilliate Marketing Training Course. Today I purchased the Jetset Affilliate Marketing Course from John Crestani. I have been looking for a training course to help hone my skills with regards to marketing and generating passive income. The Internet Jetset Affilliate Marketing Course starts off with an introduction of John Crestani, who he is and how he became a successful online marketer. One day into this Course and I feel it is developing into a great tool. Granted the information in the first affiliate marketing videos is information that I am familiar with, John has a nice way of delivering the information so that even an absolute beginner can understand and follow along.


3 thoughts on “Review John Crestani Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Course

  1. so essentially you are connecting what? websites? or rather scammers that get their maillist from the darknet? dont tell me u didnt know his facebook site is used in links in scammails.

  2. Watch the video you mentioned that "exposes" him. It doesn't say he's a scam at all. It's actually another positive review, but, by making it look like a scam with the picture and headline – that's how they get people to click on it.

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