John Crestani Ripoff?

Is John Crestani a ripoff? • Watch the free John Crestani webinar I’m reviewing here: (affiliate)

– After following John Crestani’s webinar and Internet Jetset course for 3 weeks, it’s become clear to me that he is not a ripoff but he definitely suggests higher value from his course than he actually delivers.

This is an introduction on how to get started affiliate marketing for BEGINNERS. If you are looking for advanced techniques, this isn’t the course for you.

The course covers top level topics such as:
* what affiliate marketing is
* what affiliate networks are and which ones exist
* importance of niches
* what SEO keyword research is
* the fact that people make money through affiliate marketing on YouTube, Google and Facebook,
* how to build a basic website, YouTube channel or Facebook fan page.

To watch the webinar and take the course, go here: (affiliate)

If you are after more advanced affiliate marketing lessons, check out these Facebook groups:
• Franklin Hatchett (Online Samurais):
• Warren Wheeler (Affiliate Marketing Ninjas):

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39 thoughts on “John Crestani Ripoff?

  1. Most are ok, but just remember when they do webinars they will ask you to subscribe, the hard sell comes at the end, I find most of the webinars to be mostly full of boring shit about how they got to where they are now, I have just sat through one about forex, took 2 hours and the last 30 minutes was the only bit that contained any real info, the rest was just a lot of chaff to fill it in a bit, not doing anymore webinars, lets be honest folks, why waste 2 hours looking at something which should take 30 minutes at most, such a waste of time, and why not tell you the cost at the start, if your really interested you will stay to see what it has to offer, $1000 might not seem a lot to the guy doing the webinar, its just another income stream to him, and to top it all, the webinars are not live anymore, and that to me is unforgivable as the guy allways yells out, so and so has just subscribed, I can tell you now that so and so was not on your webinar, cause your webinar is not a live event

  2. Crestani just like Legendary Marketing, Robby Blanchard and other "gurus":
    1. They overpromise and flaunt their lifestyle a lot
    2. They tend to promise quick results even though its, not the case.
    3. They are basically getting people to promote their products.
    4. They never tell people the expenses they will incur from the beginning e.g ads, SEOs.
    5. They are not honest about their income. What people see is their GROSS SALES, not NET PROFIT. If someone is making $10k per week, that is not PROFIT IT IS JUST SALES. The money will be even much lower after taxes and expenses.
    6. When you start the subscription, the price is low to entice you. All of a sudden you have to buy an "advanced course" to make more millions.
    7. When they get you to buy additional courses, YOU ARE THEIR CASH COW. They are making money from YOU, the so-called "affiliate".
    8. They might advise you to leave your job OR drop out especially Crestani. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB/ SCHOOL OVER THIS. A COLLEGE DEGREE IS STILL VALUABLE.

  3. By the way does the the 1k$ program is worth

    I want to get into it and start as a affiliated market the other thing I see does making a website is important that I see in some affiliated marketing website????

  4. Recently I joined the webinar and it began with him getting off his helicopter, it was so cheesy and unnecessary so I left the webinar.

  5. Another YT ripoff. An experienced ethical hacker offered me his services through the deep web and ever since I have been finding usual ways around everything on the Internet including making Big money. His name is BinaryReap3r and he has executed a handful of tasks on my behalf based on various platforms like web HTML, PHP, SQL, APACHE, C/C++ et al. I stopped living in a car, got an apartment and doing great due to help from Binaryreap3r. For 0day exploits, Crypto investing and Mining, Mining hacks, credit upgrade, bank account hacks etc. I am not sure if he's talented or he works super hard to get shit done, quite resilient. You can talk to him discretely by email BINARYREAP3r@ gmial com

  6. After 11 years of being in affiliate marketing I've realized 60% of the people who see an offer call it a scam. I also realized that these same 60% wouldn't actually do anything with the course if they bought it. The beauty of John Crestani is not really in buying the course but in mimicking what he does to advertise it.

  7. If it’s information available at the public
    Library for FREE, then it’s definitely a rip-off! $47 rip-off! Is still a rip-off. I can literally google the word “affiliate marketing” and get the same summary!

  8. if your lazy then yea no success for you . all you got to do is sell his products . its affiliate marketing. the internet is loaded with money. information cost ! you think he's gonna give you success for free? if you got your own products then sell it. if not sell his, get on your feet make some money and buy his methods through his teachings. one of my friends put me on to John C. tell me what would you do with an extra 450 a week? that's the payout through clickbank . if you don't know what clickbank is its a goldmine filled with entrepreneurs with a lot of stuff to market. i suggest you learn how to build landing pages and learn a bit of copywriting.
    its not a scam but sometimes you have to invest in your ownself its the only way .

  9. I’ve been following him for 3 years and I need someone to show me a good track record of money 💰 earned in the comment sections that’s not fake.

  10. Anyone who has read the terms and conditions of the "super affiliate" program and has common sense would know it is a RIP OFF but not SCAM. It's not a scam cuz they have mentioned everything is terms and conditions. I recommend you read it

    You CANNOT earn 6000 dollars a day with affiliate marketing just like you can't be 18 again. The hard work to results ratio is very bad, and more often than not you would fall into trouble, legal or other.

  11. Not to say you CANT make money with is.. but i would bet money the majority of his income is based on selling his program… so… yeah

  12. I hate it when people used defined lines between beginner and advanced. Its all just differenet business models or strategies. Crestani like most internet gurus and so called business coachs dont walk their talk. They are all about selling courses and upsells to events.

  13. John crestani is a rip off, i joined one of his webinars and i didnt make any money taking his stupid courses, i had to ask for my job back that i quit, and im still planning on going to college.

  14. *ALERT* I followed an ad from a youtube video to sign up his webinar, conventionally it started 3 mins later, watched the webinar and he just blabs on , makes you think your going to make big money and at the end , he asks for YOUR money to sign up BUT it wasn't even a live webinar !!!!! a week later i found this out as i followed the SAME ad and was taken to the SAME fake webinar where he is in front of a pile of cash … big scam , but as they say, there's a sucker born every minute…

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