John Crestani Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani SCAM – INTERNET JETSET SCAM AFFILIATE MARKETING

Notice every Internet Jetset review has a John Crestani affiliate link? Not this one. Want to learn affiliate marketing? Have you seen John Crestani ads on all of your YouTube ads? Find the truth out in this video as I go over John Crestanis Internet Jetset and the free webinar he provides. Now I did not actually sign up for the Internet Jetset course so its not really a john crestani review, but more so a review of the introductory webinar he is advertising. I sat through his webinar and was a little disturbed about not only what he was selling it, but what he was advising others to do. Now if you are an affiliate marketer already this video isn’t for you as much as it is for the beginners looking to get into affiliate marketing. Why? Because I don’t want them mislead getting into the industry and expecting a bunch of traffic and conversions, when that is not the reality. I like affiliate marketing, but I hate affiliate marketers who scam, lie and deceive to get link clicks. You can be a great affiliate marketer telling the truth, no need to lie. This is why I call John Crestani a scam, because he is essentially teaching people and charging them to learn how to scam by making fake reviews on products and services that they have never tried.
I have no problem with people selling a service or education and getting compensated for their time, however making claims that they will replace their income and work from home by learning their simple steps, that has all the makings of a scam. Even worse, in the internet jetset webinar he even says you will waste hours and leave thousands on the table by trying to learn yourself. Again that is why I think John Crestani is scam because the truth of the matter is that you can figure out how to do this very simply, because the information is everywhere. The only secret about all of this is how to get traffic,that is the hardest part. I don’t think he has it because he would be charging way more than $50 for it and he would use it himself instead of paying thousands for youtube ads, just look at John Crestanis youtube channel. Best part of all this, he got a bunch of people to pay him to teach him how to market the same bs they bought, that is why all the internet jetset review videos are just affiliates getting you to try to buy john crestanis system.

So hopefully this helps you guys out and if you have any questions. Sorry if this angered you or is making you lose money if you are a John Crestani affiliate, that was not my intention I just want to better educate consumers who think their life will be changed and that they can work from home and make money online by buying some $50 system. You guys have to realize these are real people, with real families. They are putting hope and trust into you, while you know very well your intention. Step it up and raise your standards. You can do affiliate marketing and become successful doing it the right way. Sure its harder, but don’t cop out at the expense of others.

Everything said in this video is solely my opinion and should not to be misconstrued to be taken as claims nor do I warrant the accuracy or truth of everything said, do your own research and due diligence.

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49 thoughts on “John Crestani Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani SCAM – INTERNET JETSET SCAM AFFILIATE MARKETING

  1. I went to college with John, he failed out of SMU. His father is an HBO exec and his parents raised him in the Pacific Palisades. He has always been getting off by talking to strangers, he is the opposite of shy.

  2. You extremely extremely jealous. Grow up for REAL. Crestani is an industry leader and accredited and endorsed by Forbes for starters.
    Jealousy is misery.
    Ur freaking miserable kid
    And. This video is miserable. Lol

  3. Crestani just like Legendary Marketing, Robby Blanchard and other "gurus":

    1. They overpromise and flaunt their lifestyle a lot

    2. They tend to promise quick results even though its, not the case.

    3. They are basically getting people to promote their products.

    4. They never tell people the expenses they will incur from the beginning e.g ads, SEOs.

    5. They are not honest about their income. What people see is their GROSS SALES, not NET PROFIT. If someone is making $10k per week, that is not PROFIT IT IS JUST SALES. The money will be even much lower after taxes and expenses.

    6. When you start the subscription, the price is low to entice you. All of a sudden you have to buy an "advanced course" to make more millions.

    7. When they get you to buy additional courses, YOU ARE THEIR CASH COW. They are making money from YOU, the so-called "affiliate".

    8. They might advise you to leave your job OR drop out especially Crestani. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB/ SCHOOL OVER THIS. A COLLEGE DEGREE IS STILL VALUABLE.

  4. Lmao wow if he was a scammer hed be in jail I follow john and hes done so much for me so everyone has doubts but if not for him I'd be nothing John has been proven so many times of being ligit

  5. of course everybody hate…. I joined john crestani course because I was hyped and wanted to make money, I joined and that was very useful course! I spent over $3000 on courses and I got nothing sales.. So I wanted to join john crestani course and I made my first sale within 8 days… and now I am making at least $300 a day. so the course is good, don't hate. He changed my life for real. of course I will push you to buy the course, but don't spend over $3000 on bullshit courses that is out there!

  6. Lol!!! So true and straight to the point. Funny thing is just what you said, honest reviews and dignity would get you better credit regarding your community therefore gaining customers willing to pay just for the honesty since that is a hard to come by product online. Good vid!!!

  7. In his a parent live stream he says he quit his job cuz he started doing so good with marketing. Then later on it shows a newspaper clipping of him saying he was fired lmao

  8. Well, its nice to find and listen to an honest person……..Why do people have to lie and cheat!……I have been had, and found out the day before Xmas eve!!…….And i wish it was only 50 dollars!!!!

  9. I need to know how to get my money back. Who do I ask, where do I go for this. Ugh. I was just on the phone with 3 of them for 3 f…ing hours. They were asking how much credit I have on my credit cards and wanted me to pay $20k for the aggressive program to earn more and faster, credit leverage! I'm so extremely stressed right now. I just wanted to hang up on them so many times. Please, does anyone know how I apply for a refund from John's program?????

  10. I dont mean to be rude or offensive but John Crestani is selfish, manipulative and forceful. John Crestani and people like him are moneyminded, greedy and conceited. These people put others at risk, they mention "quit your day job" drop out of college" and they guarantee their method will work. John Crestanis product costs approximately $1000, you can learn these trainings for free on youtube. Dont ever buy from John Crestani, i think thats why he even has that beard so he can hide his true identity. Btw thank you sir for warning us about john crestani, you are awesome but john crestani is not.

  11. I was watching this just now, then got bombarded with a John Crestani ad offering the same thing that was just spoke opposite about… wonder what marketer has made a current video about him for September 2019 since this was 2 years ago……………………………………………………………………………..

  12. He is a scam. I bought his course to learn that i must spend $300 at least every month and promote his products so it's a win-win situation

  13. A good eye opener! Very useful content. You found your niche brow! To educate the one who needs to think twice about getting to the top fast. ''What comes easy don't last, what lasts won't come easy''. When it seems too good to be true…chances are…it is!!!

  14. So the person this reviewer says that John is unethical because he teaches people to review products that they do not own, yet the reviewer is doing the exact same thing. That is double standards. I purchased John's course years ago, and I went through 70% of it, and did not like it, and got my money back. But John is 100% is the real deal. He has students that I know that have gone on to become 6-7 figure earners. I felt his training was too disorganized for me… and some of the training confronted me, as marketing is 100% psychology. Johns 3rd version of the training is amazing. John is and has been the first to warn people against unethical marketing throughout his course. You make that choice, but because others don't, does not make the course inaccurate or scamy. To sell you have to understand how to get into the head of your audience, and you won't learn that for free online. Not if you are looking to become a 7 figure earner as most on the information is incomplete, or just inaccurate. If you use the training, follow the steps, pick the right products and services for you to promote then where is the scam folks. You don't need any other training.. Johns is 100% complete and his trainers are there to support you, answer questions, and he has weekly webinars for all his students to get hands on help and feedback. Is Johns training the best… no probably not, but is it a scam. Not it is not. People are afraid and their own worst enemies. If you want to change the industry, that's great, but then don't contribute to the problem that you are claiming to resolve. If people are advertising his course, good for them for taking action. If he has lambos in his videos to make a point, and that does not resonate with you, so be it. It works is the point… and that is why John is where he is and you all are still fighting for the scraps. His training has a 100% money back refund policy… which I tested and it was no questions asked. That is not scammy. Had I have stuck it through when I first got his course, I would have been much more successful earlier than I am today.

  15. he also claims he makes 10k a day but then tries to brag about his account and doesn't have a single day of 10k , more like 2 to 3…still not bad money but its still prob bullshit

  16. yep i lost 12 thousand over a couple years from other
    " gurus" and now i just self learn internet stuff and programming the best i can , i have learned much and will save my hard earned money for necessities instead of risking it getting ripped-off again. aftr they get your money and you crash n burn you learn how they are 😡😠🆗👍

  17. Thank you so much for being honest; I am trying so hard and I was watching all his vedios:( I sure wish there was a "real" example of step one to the end to show us how to do it without having to pay 1400.00 for a course. Thank you and God bless

  18. folks , you cant make millions of dollars per month getting few pennies of commission from affiliate sales. yes you can make money , but dont expect unrealistic amounts. if you wanna make money, make courses , sell for 997 dollars ( magical price of any course online ), if you can get 1000 people to buy it , thats a million dollars right there. this niche of sell courses on how to make money online is extremely saturated nowadays , i really wonder if market is really hot for this since there are thousands of suppliers on youtube for this

  19. Instead of spending so much time and effort slagging off another affiliate marketer why don't YOU teach people affiliate marketing????? Your video sounds like a lot of CLICK BAIT SCAMMY TRASH……AND YOU ALSO SOUND JEALOUS!!!

  20. People, you don't have to take a course to learn affiliate marketing. It's free to learn. John Crestani and the like make most of their money by SELLING BULLSHIT COURSES about how to be an affiliate marketer. That's why you're seeing them with lambos, vacations, and beautiful homes. They're living lavishly by selling bullshit that you're stupidly willing to buy. They are not getting rich from affiliate marketing, at least not from that alone.

    How to be successful in affiliate marketing:

    1. Have a huge, engaged, dedicated following.
    2. Sign up for affiliate programs with business (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Target, etc.)
    3. Review or include products in a video or posts for followers to see.
    4. Place affiliate links of aforementioned products in the description so that people will click them and hopefully purchase those products so that you receive commission.

    How much did me telling you this cost you? $0.

  21. I just watched his webinar, and at the end he wanted 997 and I'm like…right…I'm an unemployed mom of three and I'm just supposed to get a PayPal credit card to afford something I'm not sure is going to work for me? He changes his tactics so much, I think this time around he had about 100k in cash laying on his desk. Yeah…red flags everywhere.

  22. you're not making a valid point. you're saying he's scamming everyone because he doesnt have millions of views on his youtube chanel until he spent "what you say thousands of dollars on paid advertisment" first off… how do you know he spent THOUSANDS? secondly where did he get THOUSANDS if he isnt doing something right? thirdly its no wonder he wasnt getting big hits in the begining. he was a nobody and he didnt to become noticed. sadly the only way you'll be noticed these days is with a bribe or paid advertisement. money talks. not the person himself. if you can show you have money to spend people tend to listen. think about that before you go full blown retarded

  23. looks like pure fraud. I did not join,but,stupidly I sent my email and a real phone just to get info and offered to sell HIM an affiliate hub I developed…which is quite real……anyway…please answer…can he do anything evil with a name and email?…He works with click bank….I gave no bank numbers routing nos. etc…being paranoid…can't believe I even sent my real name but curious because affiliate marketing does work….am I safe?

  24. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Imjetset on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/imjetset-review/ Thanks, Vijay.

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