Affiliate Marketing Mastery By Stefan James – Course Review


This video talks about Affiliate Marketing Mastery and my review of the course.

AMM is a course designed to help you succeed with affiliate marketing!

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9 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Mastery By Stefan James – Course Review

  1. I think you stopped it with Stefan ? I saw now you are doing only Forex here in Youtube and in Facebook? which I came across few days ago as well
    I saw now so much online businesses like Stefans then WA Wealthy Affiliate ( I joint as free member 4 weeks ago and watched training video but writing Website , Niche, Domain name or so sound complicated to find plus ranking in google plus to get traffic and I would have to buy Items to test and then to write about or videos ??!! etc… ) then SFM by Stuart and now FOREX I saw lots of videos about this 3 😉 but it sounds everything confusing and this is why I am not started atm.
    to be honest WA is the fairest way to start to see how it works and this as a free member so long you want I dont understand why others selling the same for so much money? other 1000 £ for the same informations ??
    Proberly I have to much informations right now ?

  2. You're literally one of Stafan James' PAID LIARS – you're literally pushing his snake oil in your description hoping to scam some poor gullible sheep in exchange for commission in your pockets – SHAME ON YOU

  3. Thanks for your wonderful and informative video of the affiliate marketing.
    God bless us all,
    Gustavo Ceja of San Francisco, CA

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