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  1. You do know that Anik Singal's on Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dads website? Not being funny mate but if Robert Kiyosaki allows him to promote his business through his website that's the ultimate endorsement in my opinion.

    Ok Anik Singal uses marketing techniques to get sales. Who cares! Cognitive biased is the most powerful tool in marketing and i'm afraid money solves problems. if content and courses like this gives just 1 person the chance to fight there way out of poverty and develop a mind set that can change the course of their family's history for generations, then it is a moral obligation to the future development of mankind to get it to as many people as possible, and whats wrong with profiting from it? absolutely nothing.

    Fake Gurus are a blight on society and should be prosecuted and punished as their con men full stop. But sorry mate i think your looking at the wrong things to justify your assumption that Anik Singal is a scammer.

  2. Lots of "sincere" paid comments painting the snake oil sales man as a nice guy. Hey I could probably do that job! Bet it pays a lot better than Rs 2 per comment.

  3. Hi… and Thank-You …and I'm Sorry for This Long Comment I'm about to Share to WARN EVERYINE! of this SCAM… So Grab your Pop Corn. LOL  Total SCAM FUR SURE!! This was a Pre-Recorded PODCAST… I Logged to the Invite Webinar….LET ME TELL YAA!!  Too Many “RED FLAGS” that if you Ignore… You
    will  be left hanging with a BILL and held
    accountable to Pay with your Credit Card or Paypal for a Very Long Time. Specially
    if You are UNEMPLOYED at this Very Moment. BEWARE!! This is Not for someone who
    YOU DON’T JOIN.  But Here is the Link(To SPARE YOU THAT AWEFUL EXPERIENCE) https://bootcamp.lurn.com/email-edge-gift/
    1st Red Flag- He Talks Very FAST…2nd Red Flag- When he’s about to Revel the 3 Big “SECRETS” all of a sudden, the AUDIO Sound Goes Off!! What the HECK!!!  Then the AUDIO Comes back On when he’s in the #3 “SECRET” Leaving You Confused and out of Focus on the whole thing. 3rd Red Flag- He Makes You Promise that Once He teaches You his” SECRETS” You Have to be willing to Help with Funds for INDIA by Donating to Build Schools there… and ALSO! Fund Entrepreneurs in East AFRICA-Adopting Villages.    4th RED FLAG- During the Webinar you get to be Interactive (So You THINK!!)  You seeee -there is a Comment section on the
    bottom of the Page… When In REALITY… You Are Not Live with Him at All…. CAUSE
    THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED PODCAST and he is making the People Believe that he is
    there with You…I proved it by asking Questions and just like he makes people
    answer and type words like YES… Or type 1(one) or type WOW and so on…but He
    will Not or  at any given moment  or Anyone in his “Team” is Actually NOT
    PRESENT to answer any questions you may have.  5th RED FLAG- He constantly Reminds
    you that there are so many people he can take for the course and Only a few “COMMITED”
    (aka PAYING) can Join IN cause he only has 73 SPACES AVAILABLE…He states the
    Original price is $1,497.00….Lowered to $997.00 (Payment in Full) or 3 Month
    Payment Plan of $397.00×3(that’s a total of $1,191.00!!).  Like He Said.. This is BUSINESS and I Have TO MAKE SOME PROFIT. Well Sir… I Erased the “S” for SUCKER Off My Forehead A LONG TIME AGO!!   Needless to sayyyyThe Webinar Ended 30 minutes Past the supposedly 1 Hr mark (tryingto get more people to Join cause most had LOGGED OFF).  Just before It Completed  the Link was shown where to Download your Free-Ebook.  Hope
    this ENLIGHTENS many people… There are A LOT of OPPORTUNIST Out there SPECIALLY
    Know with so Much Vulnerability and CHAOS. Be Carful and don’t Play into their
    Games of FRAUD and SCAMS. Save Your Money. I’ve Learned a Very Long Time Agoooo
    that “There is NO Get Rich QUICK”…For that You have to Earn It. Stay Safe  Everyone. ~VH~ virtual hugs. :O)

  4. Anik Singal and Tai Lopez both use name-dropping, claims they’ve either coached or partnered with big name people. And it’s not just younger kids who fall for this. I was vulnerable and needed to make money when Loral Langemeire scammed me. Awful. Terrible. And I’ve known of several others who experienced did the same.

  5. I know anik IRL. Like I’ve grown up with the man at my dinner table once a month, he bought me my first PS4 actually (and drone now that I think about it!), and I can tell you 90% of these guys are scams. But anik truly wants to help people. He has a genuine heart. It’s about sales figures and all that obviously but this isn’t his only business. He did incredibly well for himself. He’s trying to help people but he’s also an entrepreneur at heart. He has provided great insight as my mentor. (If you don’t believe me, google my dad, Dave Kettner). Most of these are a scam… but they come from genuine hearts. At least my dad and anik and Robert and the guys that I’ve grown up around. Idk. I probably give the most unique and insider perspective here lmao. But. I will say. These aren’t get rich quick schemes. A lot of people do fail because of their lack of willingness to commit. My dad literally went all or nothing to get where he’s at. Either he gets rich or we become homeless. Not everyone’s willing to do that. Also. My dad never stops working. Never. Ever. Stops. I barely see him and when I do he is very rushed and I truly mean that I haven’t spent quality time with him outside of a business setting since I was like 6ish years old. These aren’t schemes. Exaggerated sometimes? Sure. Do they make money from it? Sure. But I think people think of these as like “if I follow the book, follow the man behind it, I’ll get to where he’s at”. But it’s not like that. It’s more so a guidebook. Stop thinking of it as a roadmap and use it as a guidebook for your mindset, not your business. (PS I’m 16)

  6. Thanks Sajad ! I have an information product of my own creation. I have been using 1 technique for 30 years, and the other one for more than 7 years, for healing things in the body. I also have a way to design and build housing for a fraction of the current cost. I wish I had a good partner to launch these business's. I am studying how I can do it all by myself, as usual. My ideas will make Trillions of dollars of equity for billions of people. I have been looking at land prices all over the world, as well as which countries have stable governments, where I can build all these thousands of new community developments. I have also been living off grid, and learned the ins and outs of doing that economically and realistically. I know nobody will respond to my comment. Why would anyone want to get involved in something completely legitimate and extremely life and world changing for the better. reality check. about 99% of new tech business's that silicon valley venture capitalists invest in, go broke. They were all based on charismatic founders with great sales pitches, and horrible business models.

  7. Everyone thinks everything is a scam or a pyramid scheme but working for a corporation starting at the bottom or in the middle of the corporate pyramid is NOT a ‘pyramid scheme’

  8. Anik is legit. Great copywriter and marketer. His courses are also fantastic. BUT, like a ton of other entrepreneurs, some of his marketing tactics are scammy at best. He needed to do better.

  9. I’ve thought the same thing for so long about many of these guys. So glad to see it confirmed. The whole …”free book or webinar is about to close” etc. stuff is all manipulation marketing.

    If these guys are killing it in email marketing why are they selling me on a program? Just keep doing what you are doing.

    Tiger woods is still winning in golf so why would he start a program on how to win at golf? He wouldn’t because he is still competing! Only when he isn’t able to anymore should he ever teach golf!

  10. Thanks a million pal — this was quite an eye opener. I got the same emails from Anik Singal. Due to my desperation to make some passive income, I registered for the free webinar which run from 9pm to 12.00 am (I'm in East Africa) — it was longer than expected. The guest speaker was Ty Cohen who gave marketing strategies on how you could make huge sums of money from selling kindle books through Amazon, even though you were not a writer. He went on and on and towards the end there was an invitation for join and pay for some training programme an amount of USD 697.00. The speaker claimed that this programme was worth more than $10K. Then followed a link you were supposed to click to get a free book. I clicked on the link several times and no free book was downloaded. The training programme was said to be only open for 25 people, but as time went on, he claimed that due to the over-whelming response from the attendees, he had extended to another 25 people on a first-come-first served basis — on payment of the $697.00. I just signed off and went to sleep.

  11. I did an experiment and took the online Workshop for Kindle
    What a JOKE. 15 minutes of information that during those 15 minutes is "the real deal" the way you CAN become a millionaire like this guy is. Honestly, i don't get how a millionaire would waste 2.5 hours repeating himself over and over how he made all this millions that (by now) you can ONLY make if you buy their 4995 value class but ONLY. For 25 people would go from 1495 (wasn't it 4995???) To 697 or something. And then is not only for 25 people (they supposedly wait for the 25 to sign in) and they mention that having more than 25 would not work….ohbwait, lets get 25 more….theres 400 people waiting, hurry… Oh well lets take everyone
    Oh my God I truly hope people don't waste their money.
    God, if it wasn't for research I don't know who can take this

  12. i listened for a few minutes to the webinar and they just went on and on and on telling us about how much money we would make and not get into the info they were going to give us. also they said it was LIVE and it is not,,,there is no one there they just play this canned thing. i left

  13. Sajad…. Thanks a lot for talking about this… unfortunately, we lose the trust day after day, it is really seems weird for me when Roberto Kiyosaki is connected and promoting for such a way to pull peoples ( broke ppl, or about to ) feet to squeeze them and overwhelm them then they know that it takes ( the new members) no where.. the programs works very well( but for them ) not for their students( victims)…….. information are for free, learn, learn search and research and implement and fail to collect more experience and keep pushing, never pay one penny for such offers, even listening to them makes people feels like a STUPID manipulated childish silly one :)….. ( guys ) just ask your self one question: if they really making 10s and sometimes 100 s of millions, and soon they are going to Milliards 😀 and still they need your 7 – 48 – 199 dollars etc etc and the list goes on …. BIG SMELLY ( BS ) ….. peace ..time to make a demonstration against ( most of them ). .. luckily there are still gOOD PPL….. ALL BEST

  14. The dude's "webinar" is over two hours long with info that could have been shared within thirty minutes. Not to mention overflowing your inbox with junk mail every single day. Well done for calling it out, Sajad!

  15. It sounds like you disagree with the marketing methods. BUT where is the SCAM you wrote in your title? ( YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THAT YOU'RE CLAIMING THEY ARE DOING ! ) Your title " INTERNET MARKETING SCAMS" is a clickbait – similar marketing method to their methods.
    It is well known that you "pay" by giving your email to get the ebook, but you can always unsubscribe from the emails – quite often I find gold nuggets in those ebooks.
    I have attended Aniks's webinar recently, it was not bad, had some value, as well I might add he was very honest about that you need money for advertising. You keep saying " I didn't attend the webinar or didn't try the paid content" so you cannot judge.

  16. I brought Aniks Inbox Blueprint in 2014. I’m the main thing I learnt was how to mimic his email style with certain key words and a phrase of language. He was very good at this. He’s also a captivating speaker and teacher. I found inbox blueprint essentially un practicable as a profitable money making business for me. I also find email marketing extremely boring. I hate emails! It was volunteered that you could make $1.00 per subscriber on average selling products to them as an affiliate. I think the course was the end of the email age. Once upon a time this likely worked, if you put a lot into it. Maybe around 2000- 2005. My interest in creating a niche ended when I got coaching and paid $80 for an hour. I enjoyed the promise made my Anik, but have never looked into his stuff again. I decided to do what I love, and use my common sense.

  17. Bro we respect that you are doing things your way but don't go out and call a guy a scammer because you have never seen it. If I have never seen snow, it doesn't mean snow doesn't exit. YOU ARE THE SCAMMER, come to Lurn headquarters then talk, you are just a hater, but its cool!!!!

  18. You need to do a series that debunks all of these "passive income" scams and "rich to poor with no effort". Countless times these courses, classes, and programs have taken advantage of people wanting to change their current situation. No one makes money on what the program "teaches" but on selling their own classes and programs.

  19. Saw that dudes "webinar" once.
    He talked mainly about his business and how successful it is and how he got to that bla bla bla the whole-fckn-time…and oh..did I mention that he was talking about how successful his business is? and how fckn easy it is? that's what it was all about.
    He calls that "webinar" but you will learn 💩. Unless you buy his product idk. I lost interest watching his (probably 1,5h) ad…pardon "webinar" after I got bored about him repeating talking about how successful his bmodel is.

  20. Before you know it, they will withdraw all your money and close ur account. When they're about to do it, they will not call you for one week, again and you will no they're about to withdraw your money and close your account. Even you message them on email, it will be hard to reply you. But when you start the business with them, they will be calling you everyday, they will be the one to woke u up for sleep. They are evil, they scam my money, it will not be well for mysafeMarket.com for doing this to me. They took all money from me.

  21. You only get scamed If You are looking for a easy and magical way to get money! People dont want to work and apply the estratégies correctly , they only want to earn money withou doing nothing , Its because this that You ver fooled

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