Should You Use Amazon Affiliate Program? Pros & Cons

Should You Use Amazon Affiliate Program? Pros & Cons
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Should You Use Amazon Affiliate Program? Pros & Cons


23 thoughts on “Should You Use Amazon Affiliate Program? Pros & Cons

  1. UPDATE: It's a shame that Amazon lowered their commission rates on 4/14/2020 but it's not altering any of my strategies. Many YouTuber's are catching the trend by making videos about it saying things that encourage sharing (making the video go viral). I personally don't think it's a big deal for a few reasons, mainly because Amazon conversions are so high, and it's easy to swap out links to different affiliate programs win a few clicks. I hope that helps shed some rational advice on it from someone heavily involved 🙂

  2. This is the first time I have heard you have to have a functional website. I'm pretty sure I just used my YT Channel Link. Gosh I think I already messed up 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Another great video man, thanks. I have a website but the content and affiliates links would be through YouTube, does that count?

  4. Thanks so much for this video and all your videos Greg. You encouraged me to start teespring and i did. Now I look forward to join amazon affiliate, can I use my instagram or pinterest to get approved ? I don't own a website. Thnx again

  5. Can you have a YouTube channel as a "Web page"? And I've heard something about that amazon uses region links. So if you use the US link and someone is un Europe, you won't get any money for those sales. Is this true?

  6. Hi I have a question I am not sure if is very relevant but I started affiliate marketing with amazon . I had people use my link and purchase things which shows on my account but also it says that I have zero earnings ? I am not sure why? Anybody had this same problem? Thank you 🙏

  7. Hi Greg, thanks for another great video. One question, can I use the Amazon affiliate link on my Pinterest pins or is it solely for my own website?

  8. Hi, sir i had made amazon account on March 01, 2020. but till now I haven't gotten any sales. please tell me what should I do? should I delete my account and apply for the new one on the same email? or anything else. please suggest me sincere advice thanks.

  9. A 24 hour cookie? Sounds criminal to me. What is the percentage of customer purchases are not related to the link they clicked? Because Amazon is So popular, you can just blind link people to amazon and if they purchase something, anything you win. So really its about the volume of clicks you send TO Amazon who cares about the what or why people clicked. Am I right? I am old school like internet marketing pioneer old school.

  10. Hi Greg, Thank you for the videos on the Amazon affiliate program. I am South African, I have the Payoneer account that I could fill in for payments. But I think one needs to fill in the address and the phone number on the application. Would that not be a problem with the South African address and phone number? Would I be accepted?

  11. Hi, so to get approved by Amazon I will need to have posts on my site. Should those posts have “dummy” product links until I get approved or just the content with no product links?

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