Passive Income: Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

The Truth about Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing:
Passive Income and Making Money Online is something most people are skeptical about. How do you make money online? Does Affiliate Marketing work or is it a scam? How does passive income really work? I have to answer these questions all the time. So I made a video to address how affiliate marketing works, how it can help you generate passive income, and why so many people don’t believe it does really work for making money online.

You can either actively work at selling products for a company to make a commission or you can build systems that do it for you. You can do this in the form of a website or blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel or an Ebook.

These things ARE passive because after the initial work is done, you are making money without any additional work your part. Some people will say, well you still have to market or promote those things…. those people aren’t actual marketers or they would know that most marketing can be automated at this point, or requires less effort than texting your spouse… You can put systems in place to handle that effort. A YouTube video I made 6 months ago, made me an extra $1000 in Nov. 2016. Work I did 6 months ago, made me another $1k in profit.

You don’t need a large audience to be successful at affiliate marketing if you know your audience and you are selling something they have a demand for.

If you had an audience of 100 but 10 people buy something and you make $100/each from them, its better than somone who has an audience of 10,000 that only got the same 10 people to buy, because if you maintain your conversion rate, as your audience grows, you’d make more money than them.









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44 thoughts on “Passive Income: Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

  1. Be around and learn from the real masters who are successful in the field is definitely the way to go, and I am grateful for learning affiliate marketing from my mentor. Thank you for the great content Roberto!

  2. Man…clear, precise and to the point. Roberto, you're like a human cup of coffee. I'm woke Thanks for being an awesome motivator. Big respect !

  3. I like the laptop review idea, big tickets. But I have a question Roberto, if I want to review laptops consistently as they launch in the market, do I have to invest and actually buy all those laptops to review them? I hope you will reply

  4. I am a newbie to affiliate marketing and have just registered to amazon associate program. I have recorded my first product review video and planning on uploading within the next week. I have no expectations as this is a journey of experience and just enjoying the process and learning as I go. I have recently launched a YouTube channel where I am documenting through video my fitness transformation from unfit to fit. I am totally new to social media, photography & filming and editing so I am literally learning from the basics and progressing bit by bit with the help from videos like yours. Thank you for your video, I found it very interesting and informative. I work 12 hour shifts 4 days on then 4 days off a mix of nights and days, so this gives me little time to train record it then edit and post, so at the moment I am only able to post one video a week. One question I have is 'am I wasting my time if I am only able to post once a week?

  5. Affiliate marketing is a job, but what a great way to sell! Could you give us some names of some of the successful AFM'ters? I'd love to hear some of their success stories. Thanks so much for the video!

  6. Great analogy, Roberto! The relationship metaphor is perfect and I can use it to explain why I'm considering affiliate marketing as a source of honest income

  7. I have a question. Im interested in doing ebay or amazon. Iffilation program. But my answers havent been resolved . first i dont have a website. If i where to pick a topic. And make lets say a facebook page. To advertise for ebay or amazon. Would that work? And my second question is how does amazon and ebay contact and connect with you? I know email. But when do they call you? Do they ever call you ? I dont want to sell my own products . i would like to try the ebay or amazon affiliate program. To get myself out this rut im. In.
    I havent found the answers to these questions yet. Please help .
    Thank you for very good video.

  8. Thank You So Much! I was so motivated when you said even if you just have 100 subscribers you have potential, Thank You!!!! I currently have 151 xD

  9. Roberto how are you doing so far with affiliate marketing? I'm interested in working with you. I run a Web to Print e-commerce and we have over 1,000s of custom print products. $99 average order & Immediately, no delay payout! Let me know if you want to get on the phone to discuss the details, otherwise information can be found at >>

  10. Roberto thank you for your advice. The 30$ a day model help me see this affiliate thing from a different point of view. Passive income is still passive income no matter if it's 900/month or 10,000 /month

  11. Roberto i like your speaking style. its so clear and so understandable. you are not running fast on your word which makes your sound so clear. keep it up bro

  12. I had very bad experience with affiliate marketing but it doesn't stop my drive. I always ask for advice and watch a lot of YouTube video still no success. I still have a positive attitude no matter what. the mentor I see is on YouTube and are willing to charge 5,000 for advice that's crazy I'll find my way just fine by myself

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