Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam? The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Do you have doubts about Affiliate Marketing? In this video, I solve the number one most asked question. Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

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41 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam? The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

  1. Its a scam because you need to be a scammer to succeed in this business i try it for 2 years and im pretty tough menraly so its totaly scam.
    Its can be a good business if you are a professional at something else and make a youtube channel at your niche only than its maybe can give you some real profit . But dont recommended to do partnership with peoples that you dont know tham 100% because ita one of the biggest scam industry .

  2. You are selling them a product that they DON'T NEED !!!! that's what it is this is all BULLSHIT. I'm not saying that you making money from it is a lie but you ARE selling them a product that either does not do as intended ie diet pills, or a product they don't need ie detox tea
    So by comparison you could call it a scam you are scamming them buy using unfair marketing tricks or skills to make someone part with their money for a product they don't need or work

  3. Well said Nathan…..Start with why. Why are you doing what you are doing? There's a great book by Simon Sinek on this.

  4. I actually was scammed… My bank only has $1.35 when it was charged for $307 but it was declined since I didn't have the money… This charge came up after I just made a profile on a website (given by a YouTuber) which was supposed to have me earn the money… WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT

  5. Nathan You Always Always Inspire Me! You put more Fire in my Heart! I’m now a member of Legendary Marketer and I am applying your advice. I truly appreciate your thoughtful contents!!! 🙏👌

  6. This is very inspiring Nathan! Thank you for this video. I have taken step toward this and I am determined to make it work. I am in it for the long game. Do you do private coaching?

  7. The thing with affiliate marketing and most other ways of making money online is that it’s all about figuring out how to make it work. You get John Christani posting videos showing how to put you links onto blogs etc, but I think to be successful it takes more than that you need to create related content to what your promoting and then get the traffic.
    I have made it work on a very small scale so it does work there is no doubt it works, it’s just learning to scale it up.

  8. Dude…This may have been the most spot on content that I've seen from your channel ! I try and view your uploads and videos often…this one sir is in the top 10 in my opinion! Thanks bro…💥💥💥

  9. Absolutely fantastic video Nathan!! You are spot on with everything you said. How can you refuse the advice or service from someone literally dripping with passion?! The answer: you can't!

    Thanks for that Nathan, I'm in the Music Industry and even though I'm passionate, sometimes I still need to remember my 'why?' 😎👏

  10. Late last year and early this year I paid $600 a months for almost ten months. Invested in a program that was hard to put together. Was promised a walk thru of how to set up the sight etc. and was left high n dry.
    (It was a lead generating kind of online business)

    Yes I watched the videos over and over on how to. But just couldn’t link what I needed to link. Couldn’t find anyone around to help me set up the sights I needed to. So I quit trying last month. Smh. I think I need to be more computer savvy or better instruction. Idk.

    Cause I need to be successful in life. All around. I feel my life is going backwards.

    And yes. I HATE MY DAMN JOB. been at it since I was 18. I’m 33 now. I feel like I’m going out of my head in misery. I need freedom and money. SERIOUSLY.

    IM WEARY with life right now.

  11. I think that people that think Affiliate Marketing is a scam is because they don't understand what it is. But is actually an old business, is nothing new.
    Affiliate Marketing is basically what is happening in any normal shop in the world. They take a product they don't own, they promote it to their traffic, sell it and keep a share.
    So is basically the same, but you know Affiliate Marketing is a scam… 🙄
    Greate video Nathan!

  12. Affiliate marketing is absolutely not a scam. So many people think it is, yet have no clue what it really means. Just connecting a product/service with someone who wants/needs it.

  13. Great video. If you wanna be successful, you have to take action and be patient and believe in the process! Love from a small youtuber 🙂

  14. Wow Nathan, you're really planning on starting another YouTube channel focused on fitness and health…that's awesome. Please tell us when so we can start following you as well. You have a great charisma so you will do great.
    100% true on what you said in this video.

  15. My man THE BEST BUSINESS MODEL is affiliate marketing FOR SURE! And i love this videos of hear to heart talk BECAUSE! There is a reason only a small % succeed as soon as there is a roadblock the 2 things people do are call it a SCAM and the other they quit! Your videos have help me get over the quitting phase! And now is all about major ACTION and i have to get better at what i do! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 documenting my journey is the best

  16. I usually follow step-by-step when going through my courses especially when it’s laid out for me. For those who don’t take it seriously, don’t label something as a scam because they don’t understand it. This year I decided to start affiliate marketing and I love the new skills I’m learning

  17. I have started to follow you
    Long time ago, and you are one of the top 5 people I consider the most motivational, experienced and engaging but this video doesn’t make sense. Obviously affiliate marketing is not a scam. It seems to me that you guys ran out of ideas for new videos, and just keep on uploading videos jus to get paid by google. Please don’t bring your quality content down

  18. Affiliate marketing is not a scam, people really want fast results and when they don't see the results after working for days. They will tell it's a scam, patience is what people needed the most to be successful in life, but this is what people nowadays lack.

  19. Nathan I am so glad that you are doing this video. Because a couple of weeks ago I came across another Youtuber that said that you, big Mark and another Youtuber are running a scam with legendary marketer. So it's great that you're clearing the air.

  20. Another problem is they don’t commit fully. Most aren’t willing to sacrifice the present for the future then wonder why nothing ever changes

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