How To Write SEO Optimized Affiliate Review Posts FAST!

To make money with affiliate marketing your review posts MUST rank on top of Google, get clicks AND convert visitors to customers… If you haven’t started your affiliate marketing blog yet, get the FREE step-by-step guide here:

You see, content is the key to success online. When you commit to starting a blog or building an affiliate site, you are committing to creating tons of great content that Google loves.

This video shows how! In this video I reveal my teams exact process for writing highly optimized affiliate review posts fast.

But, if you want to ‘see what it looks like’ in practice… When a blog uses content to make serious money onilne, watch this video next –

Click that link above and you will follow along while I reverse engineer the secrets to success of 5 separate blogs that are making millions online.

This will allow you to undertsand EXACTLY what it takes and it will help you speed up the process of making the money you desire online.

This is the exact process and framework we are using to build our affiliate review website where we are making money doing mostly Amazon reviews.

With nearly 1500 posts published to my different websites, and having reached over 40 million people with our written content on our blogs…

We have figured out a process about writing SEO content fast that works.

For non-affiliate posts I covered the entire process in my past how to write SEO content fast video you can find here:

If you are still new to the world of search engine optimization and you are trying to learn how to get your affiliate posts to rank, be sure to watch my full SEO training class here on YouTube free:

For the best tutorial on how to make money with affiliate marketing be sure to check out my affiliate marketing for beginners post that was updated here in 2020:

Other videos referenced in this video:

How long should your blog post be?:

Keyword Research:

Keyword Intent Research:


46 thoughts on “How To Write SEO Optimized Affiliate Review Posts FAST!

  1. Awesome thanks Miles, quick question… I'm guessing the chef expert who can recommend the products would be a writer for you? What products would you recommend if you have a niche that you struggle to find an expert that's a writer? Or would you say that @t would be able to find you a writer that can recommend products in most niches?

  2. Awesome info! I've been in the process of writing posts and this really helped me understand what revisions I need to do. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  3. Hey Miles, is there anything about a rough framework on How-To posts. I think it's relatively self explanatory but wondered if there was anything I'd be missing.
    Thanks for your content, honestly feel like I've found exactly what I'm looking for.

  4. I noticed that you use price ranges in your review (under $50, etc). I have also done it, but now I am not sure if it is OK to continue using the price ranges. Amazon rules explicitly say that prices should not be mentioned (unless pulled by API), and Amazon Associates' support could not assure me that using 'under x price' is safe. At the same time, I see that these queries get a lot of search traffic, so it is very tempting to use them.

    What is your take on this?

  5. As you are using google suggestions, the suggestions are changing because its based on users typing in the keyword. My question is: do you ever go in and recheck the post you just made research for in the past? And add in words you are missing (based on new keyword suggestions from google dropdown suggestion) ? If you got my question…

  6. Miles, is it possible to make a good affiliate site even though I don’t have a team, but I work alone, and if I have about $ 100 to invest? What should I invest that $ 100 in?

  7. Quick Question: If you have additional sections which do not appear on google (e.g. other questions in the FAQs which are not on google) but I think that they add real value for the reader, will this be penalised by google for adding these? i.e. will it dilute the reward for the stuff it is looking for. Real eye opener of a video – wish I had watched it 30 articles ago….keep up the good work mate!

  8. greetings from morocco
    here is one of the best content you can see on youtube as someone who wants to start an online business
    thank you so much
    i highly recommend everyone to watch Beckler's videos (y)

  9. Hey miles, watched this twice, got all my notes. Do you have a video that shows you how to put such a post into wordpress, and how to do the affiliate links, headings, scattering of key words. What is good, what is frowned upon, etc. That kind of thing?

  10. Hey Miles, you mention that you would likely try increasing the number in your title to something higher than your competition. “17 Best” rather than “11 Best”. Are you concerned that readers may feel overwhelmed with too many options, opting to instead click on a hypothetical new post REDUCING the number to “7 Best”?

  11. Miles, I don't know how to thank you enough. Super helpful content.
    But few big confusion you didn't clear here that I badly want you to answer is-
    Question: Like you said, "if your competitors are reviewing 10, you should go for 12." Now, where should I put the 12 lists of products between "Intro to FAQ". How many products should I show in the best overall section? Should I divide the 12 products in between "best overall to alternative 2?" That's 2 products per section.
    Aren't "best budget and best under" the same thing? You didn't show the best runner-up.

    Thank you for your contribution to the digital marketing community.

  12. Hey Miles… awesome breakdown into how to research and write top quality posts for affiliate sites… appreciate how you break it all down, and make it easier to understand what's required to rank in Google…

    The hard part is consistent content writing over time.. but it's a necessary evil I guess for many, who continue to build websites that rank. Awesome content as always bro… be safe

  13. Hi Miles, you mentioned that you would write an article that covers more products than the competition to outrank then quicker, but later on you only have 4 recommendations? How does it work if I want to put in 15 chef knives for example?

  14. Hey Miles! Great post with great value thanks! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

    1. What kind of title do you suggest for this kind of format, which does not have numbers list in it like the other examples?
    2. Do you include a product comparison table at the top after the intro with check price kind of CTAs? If yes, do they work for you?
    3. Are the alternates always a different product category with a few similarities?

  15. Thanks Miles for the nice video, i have a question here. I understand from your video that I cant success in affiliate marketing if I don't have content (which i was always have this problem)?. Thanks again

  16. Brilliant! You are a great speaker with great content, Thank you for your generous sharing. I can't get any writing done as all I want to is watch your posts! 🙂

  17. Nice tidy format for 'review' sites. Well done. Re: Chef Knives: Serration is key to to ease of cutting. It takes proper serration to both cut a tomato and a steak. A non-serrated knife will 'squinch' a tomato's skin not 'cut' it cleanly. So, would you include why some knives cut better or worse than others?

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