Affiliate Marketing Scam WARNING! The Wrong Way To Do Affiliate Marketing & Get Taken By Fake Gurus

As an affiliate, you need to understand the biggest TRAP in affiliate marketing, or you may get scammed by affiliate marketing fake gurus!

To learn the right way to do affiliate marketing, watch this video next:

this video looks at the most common affiliate marketing scams you will encounter online.

Unfortunately, some of these affiliate marketing scams are very lucrative for the individuals running the ads and for the platforms they promote.

They often try to lure you in by promising to “give you everything you need to succeed at affiliate marketing” and they will often give you ads, emails, but here’s the rub…

the law of diminishing returns clearly states that the ads simply will not produce as many clicks or sales for you as they did for the fake guru who got you in on the affiliate marketing scam.

When you combine that with the fact that you’re not only competing with the fake guru because they’re still advertising… But you’re also competing with every other affiliate marketer the fake guru brought in under them… You now realize you are in direct competition with the “teacher”

So your teacher is trying to sell the same people they’re trying to convince you to sell into the affiliate marketing scam.

The result? Well if you buy-in… The fake guru earns money from your enrollment fees… And you won’t be able to enroll people as easy as they make it seem.

these kinds of scams are not only happening in the affiliate marketing world but there also common in multilevel marketing and even in the cryptocurrency space…

I call them the “me too” programs. And the key for you to look for is when someone’s trying to enroll you in a system that requires you to pay to get the right to enroll others into that same system… And your income is based on other people buying into the exact same thing you bought into.

Whether it’s Clickfunnels, MOBE, Empower Network, Bitconnect… Most of which have been shut down by the federal government for being complete and outright scams… you need to be able to spot these affiliate marketing scams so you can avoid getting taken by the fake gurus.

you want to find a legitimate affiliate network that offers products your audience desires to purchase. For a video that covers seven legitimate affiliate networks, go here:

Many people choose to start with ClickBank affiliate marketing, which is explained here:

remember, the key to successful affiliate marketing is to leverage your unique experiences, skills, talents, ideas… Your uniqueness to add value to the lives of others


47 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Scam WARNING! The Wrong Way To Do Affiliate Marketing & Get Taken By Fake Gurus

  1. Good work on the heads up. Still looking for a legit way to make some spare money being an introvert without a lawnmower. Any suggestions that doesn't involve narcotics?

  2. Omg – why have I not seen you. Better now than never! I nearly gave up on affiliate marketing because of what your saying here!!! Love you guys…Behind every good man is a good woman for sure!!!

  3. I ran into one of these as my first inquiry as I began this journey. They wanted my $1500. but they couldn't explain to me exactly what it was I was supposedly paying for. All I could hear was I was paying to recruit more suckers. They couldn't answer my questions to my satisfaction and eventually got tired of me and went away. Thanks Miles.

  4. They're back! YouTube allows cryptomining and virus-laden mobile games for children, now scam multi-level-marketing/ marketing shams that promise people thousands for not working. Telemarketer scams have moved online!

  5. I was scammed by a “so called” Amazon Affiliate Company – from Arizona- name I was directed to write check out to was RKL Development- I was directed to deposit a check for advertising- or I wouldn’t make the 3-5 k per month that he had promised I would – stupidly, I did so! I wrote a check for 20k and deposited in my local Wells Fargo as directed by them. Got home I felt sick – I live in Wisconsin this was pretty much my entire savings- they told me they would be contacting me later that day; to go over all of the details. No call, no call; called my bank to stop the check & Ally said it already went through- they are in Arizona – I am in Wisconsin. Check already went through. They gave me routing # and Acct. # and said Wells would know what to do with it. I filed a complaint with both FTC as well as the Attorney General Office in Arizona- and nothing! I provided them with the email, several telephone numbers & address in Arizona which Turns out to be a UPS store- they moved on to Wyoming- and have since then are no longer in Arizona Or a Wyoming- however upon research – I have IP address & the Name of Organizer of LLC. Provided to Attorney General as well as FTC- I answered the email – as I am a single Mom and my only daughter was getting married and I needed to find a way to help pay for her wedding – well they took everything I had and left me – no nothing- telephones no longer in service. No one is able to do anything at the Government level- without me getting an Attorney- that I can’t afford. I am sick about this so much I don’t sleep at night – The Company that they said “built the websites” Sterling Co. I had put on a credit card & I was able to contact that very same evening and cancelled- they returned the $499- that they were advertising this program for – but he called me & at first was very nice until I said there was no way I could pay another $20,000. Then he began to get mean and threatening to me. I became frightened & did what he told me to do- I went down to my local Wells Fargo- whom I do not Bank with, And asked who my check went to and they said that was private information & would not give it to me. I believe that Wells is in on this scam – the check was deposited into a Wells in Arizona – after I requested the back of Check copy from Ally- so – beware!! I am a college educated woman who was completely scammed by this so called company! Any suggestions Miles? Could it be MOBE with a different name? It was about 4 years ago…. I AM SO Upset and ashamed.

  6. I did not like the CF model it seemed kind of shady to me. Not that the funnels are bad, if that is all your doing is using something that you can not be bothered building yourself. A landing page that when you know how to do it yourself can be done in a few minutes. Even some of the email capture systems are a bit on the same power, if you can not control or be bothered to manage your own data base than it is ok to use them.

    The model as you described is what I do have an issue with, you get someone else to follow you into the affiliate model, especially when all your really interested in is the money, fancy cars, watches plus nice house. Which a lot of them probably do not own in the first instance.
    There are genuine people out there and then there are those that you have to be careful about.

  7. We got a problem by the companies called : My Euros, In Yestor promised us a very good income but whenever they supposed to pay us no where to found, so can we exposed these kind of fake marketing process

  8. Miles, Wish I had watched a video like this years ago. Thanks for helping me feel like a dumb ass, lol. Unfortunately I have been a dumb ass for a while when it comes to earning a digital income. Thanks for your honesty and integrity.

  9. At the end of the day all these things are pyramid schemes. Great video to finally bring some light to everything

  10. Have you heard of Douglas James? I’ve searched for him and tried to find negative reviews and I couldn’t. But it sounds like a Me Too program. Seems pretty convincing but if you’re saying I can do all this myself by watching your videos (I have NO knowledge of how to do this) all the better.

  11. This is exactly what I though when I started watching these videos… "But Ill be paying for advertising someone else's business…"

  12. I don’t know if you know an affiliate marketer who is named by Joshua Elder? Even though he has a Facebook, Linkedin where he tells what he does but however what do you think of him and his program?

  13. Does anyone know anything about douglas james there is literally nothing online about whether he is a scam or not.nothing on BBB or any other websites and when you look him up on YouTube or try to find real reviews the only thing that pops up is his channel

  14. I LOVE your honesty!!! Thank you for ALWAYS providing amazing content. I really appreciate your value. God Bless!

  15. Great video man, a lot of new affiliates are struggling because they buy into this Clickfunnles thing, and they can not make money because they are just too many people trying to do the same, and they do not realize that market fatigue is a real thing

  16. I recently came across these people, Stacy and Curtis Shaw, who are from Canada getting people in on their training. Everyone in their group is promoting the training with a Facebook ad…it looks like that's all it is they do is promoting the training. The training is supposed to teach you how to run your own online biz. I never bought it. Soon after I found them I found two more people Mike and Darren with the exact same system. These people sound familiar? Like they are all promoting a system that you "plug into" like an automated system. They also talk about a company they market for that pays high commissions and has been around for 40 years….have no idea what company…I've tried searching. I guess they are all scammers?

  17. Ur a good dude Miles, but i respectfully disagree about clickfunnels. i promote it by giving people funnels but i target people that want to run an online business. In my opinion, if ur going to have an online business anyway, ur gonna need clickfunnels so the value i give is to show you how to use it and train you on sales funnels within my course. I dont see the harm in promoting a tool thats needed and evergreen. i have more of a problem with people promoting stuff they people dont really need.

  18. What do you think of legendary marketer? Same guy as empower network… basically do you think there can only be one ‘level’ promoting ‘make money online’ and everyone below them need to be serving a different industry?

    MMO promoting MMO is always a pyramid?

    But as you know, MMO is the most profitable ‘niche’, so how can you tell others not to do what is obviously working so well for you?

    I Genuinely want your opinion. Thanks for your time

  19. Thanks Miles! I appreciate what you're doing and I can confirm to be done with all the gurus… I found out after the first one, but I had to go for the second one to confirm it 😀

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