12 Minute Affiliate Review: LEGIT ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System or SCAM?

12 Minute Affiliate Review: LEGIT ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System or SCAM?
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Looking to make money online with affiliate marketing and curious if the 12 Minute Affiliate System can help you?

In this exciting episode, we will do an in-depth 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

We will take look into the features and benefits of the 12 Minute Affiliate program, take a sneak peak at the members dashboard and run through the pros and cons to help you determine if this is a legit opportunity to make affiliate money or total scam to avoid!

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12 Minute Affiliate Review: LEGIT ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System or SCAM?

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15 thoughts on “12 Minute Affiliate Review: LEGIT ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System or SCAM?

  1. Hello sir watched your video just now it is a great one. 😇😇 In the description you have highlighted your number? Do you use whatsapp sir? I tried adding you but i can't see you there

  2. I respect you men, but this is not a good product in my opinion. Especially the price point 47$ per month is unreasonable in my opinion. Done for you traffic is con. He charge 1 dollar per click, sometimes way more than that and do not even guaranty that the traffic is going to deliver or not. The traffic is so bad it takes 14 days to deliver. Lot of other problems as well, I bought something that does exactly same for 22 dollars and trust me it is much better than this crap bro.

  3. This clip is very very nice to see. I have been engaging into it from the middle of this year.
    VERY very useful for me to earn some money online. Please check my channel too. -:)

  4. That's such a THOROUGH review! I haven't seen this much detail before… discussion of what's missing & the holes in the system… PRICELESS

  5. My biggest question is, do we still have to buy traffic. Because when I saw the presentation it sounded like they already provide the traffic from hot leads

  6. Well I signed up and within 24 hours I received phone call From Lisa in GA and I have seen Devon Brown on several videos and I do received emails from him and i am impressed with the done it for you system. And I am going to let them set my system up

  7. Great review. Traffic is king and after someone consumes the product if they don't know how to drive traffic their business will be dead in the water before it starts. Thanks for reviewing this product.

  8. Dude, the review is cool and all. But you're saying they're stuff has over hyped claims and using a done-for-you system is not good at helping the person learn the right skills needed. However, upon clicking on what you recommend, you're using "$300/day” and "done-for-you system" claims on your website?

  9. You might want to check on your stance of their lack of support. I haven't bought the product myself and have been considering it hence the reason I've been checking out a bunch of reviews. In other reviews, I've heard that they actually have a phone number you can call for support and someone will actually answer the phone to help you. Can you confirm this or is that not true?

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