10 thoughts on “⚠️ Affiliate Marketing Dude Review | My Honest Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude 😆⚠️

  1. Question: in your honest opinion, apart from getting accepted into CPA networks, do you think understanding the basic concept of researching the market FIRST and then finding offers would help you get closer to being successful online without getting the course?

  2. Is there anyone who has bought Marcus's "Boot Camp" program for $1,275? Is it worth it? Are you making job quitting money? Thanks for your reply.

  3. TOTALLY LAME DUDE. If you sold your niche website(s) that was making SO much money, you would not have sold it. While Marcus has excellent info on his YT channel, don't fall for the salesman like charm that I did. Save your money. Don't believe me and wanna talk? Uh huh. You can find me.

  4. You said you gave this a 4.5. Have you honestly made any money from this program. Not money for pushing his product, but from your own niche and website?

  5. I'm a student of Marcus Campbell also. I feel that he's an awesome teacher also. I have been watching and following him for about a year, I just got one of his high ticket niches on his black Friday sale. I got a sweet deal. I've never been so excited to spend money on anything in my life. I'm currently going through the simple site information so I can do the next one myself. I can't wait for my little "baby" to be delivered. I'll be back to share how it goes. Thank you for your review. Take care, Keith Lewis. See you on the live training sometime.

  6. Hi, thanks for the review, I have never done any marketing, would you mind telling me if I committed 8 hours a day on his course would I do well on his stuff, for example could i get 2000 euro or more in month one, sorry if my question seems silly, but I like this guy and i may go with him

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