15 of the most common flexible side jobs and how much they pay

Today, roughly 30% of Americans with a side hustle say they need the extra income to help cover their living expenses.Using data from its platform, FlexJobs created a list of the 15 most common side jobs that you can apply to today. Each of these positions are either part-time employee roles or freelance jobs, with many of them providing the flexibility to work from home. All of these jobs also pay an average salary of at least $14 per hour, with management consulting roles paying $60 per hour, according to PayScale data.Check below to see which common side jobs you should apply to if you’re looking to bring in some extra income:Woman talks on the phone at work.Twenty2015. Customer Service RepresentativeDescription: Customer service representatives are responsible for assisting customers who are using a company’s product or service.Average hourly pay: $14Click here to view job listings14. Sales RepresentativeDescription: Sales representatives are responsible for helping to bring in new business, upgrade existing customers, and save potentially lost clients.Average hourly pay: $15Click here to view job listings13. TranscriberDescription: Transcribers are responsible for using their quick and precise typing skills to create written copy of an audio.Average hourly pay: $15Click here to view job listings12. Photographer11. Social Media ManagerDescription: Social media managers are responsible for helping companies market their content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.Average hourly pay: $16Click here to view job listings10. Virtual AssistantDescription: Virtual assistants are remote professionals who act as administrative and personal assistants for their clients.Average hourly pay: $16Click here to view job listingsWestend61 | Westend61 | Getty Images9. Graphic Designer8. Medical CoderDescription: Medical coders are responsible for accurate coding of a patient’s visit, procedures and related information to assist with medical billing.Average hourly pay: $18Click here to view job listings7. ProofreaderDescription: Proofreaders are responsible for helping content producers spot errors in order to deliver high-quality content.Average hourly pay: $18Click here to view job listings6. TutorDescription: Tutors are responsible for helping clients improve their knowledge of various subjects like math, science and language. Tutors also help clients prepare for standardized tests like SAT, ACT and LSAT.Average hourly pay: $18Click here to view job listings5. Editor4. ESL TeacherDescription: ESL teachers are responsible for helping non-native English speakers learn the language.Average hourly pay: $20Click here to view job listingsskynesher | E+ | Getty Images3. Interpreter2. Writer1. Management Consultant

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