12 Minute Affiliate Review 2021 (TRUTH REVEALED) | The Truth You Must Know About 12 Min Affiliate

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In this video we look at 12 Minute Affiliate Products and do an in depth 12 Minute Affiliate Review. We also look at how you make money from this and examine the 12 Minute Affiliate Compensation Plan.

This looks at helping you build a profitable affiliate marketing business and how you can make money both from the sale of their products and the sale of loads of other Clickbank products that they help you promote in their funnel.

This is a business that has been founded by Devon Brown and I don’t believe there is any 12 Minute Affiliate scam as some people try to claim but it is still very difficult to make this work without proper lead generation training. Traffic is always the problem that onlline marketers struggle with.

The best thing is that they help you do all the things that newbies struggle with in the beginning when starting to do affiliate marketing. This like the opt-in page sales video and follow up emails which they do for you.

The only thing is they then suggest that you use solo ads in order to promote it. Now you can make these things work but you have to know that most don’t abnd most struggle

There has also been complaints that not very many affiliates actually make enough to make this a viable living. Infact only 5% of people actually take home $350 per month the rest only struggle making scrapes

If affiliate marketing is your thing and you are a beginner then it is a small investment for you to get started. The normal affiliate problems always arise though is that people struggle to generate leads and thus struggle to generate sales.

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About Video:
This video is about 12 Minute Affiliate Review. And also delves deeper into the 12 Minute Affiliate Scam claims and the 12 Minute Affiliate Compensation Plan and how to sell the 12 Minute Affiliate products and others.

It focuses mainly on affiliate marketing and making money from building an online business.



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