10,000 Star Coin SHOPPING SPREE 🛍️ | 8 Horses, Clothes + MORE 🐴 | Star Stable Online

I’ve been saving this for WEEKS to show you guys and it’s been SUPER difficult to hide all the horses! I have been desperate to ride them in videos, but couldn’t, since I technically didn’t have them yet! I hope you guys enjoy this 10000 SC shopping spree! Also, because I recorded them all on different days, I went to do my intro a lot instead of saying the date!

I’m going to post pictures of all of them on my Instagram if you want to see some of the screenshots I’ve gotten of them over the past month!

Hello, I’m Olympia Peacechild. My channel is a safe space for everyone. I post videos of updates, events, buying horses and trying and learning new things in Star Stable. My favourite videos to make are music videos!

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🌸 Q: What do I use to record? 🌸
🌸 Q: What do I use to edit? 🌸
✨ A: A combination of Lightworks and Windows Movie Maker ✨
🌸 Q: What’s your SSO name? 🌸
✨ A: Olympia Peacechild (Main Account) ✨
🌸 Q: What server are you on? 🌸
✨ A: I am on Cocunut Island in the UK region ✨
🌸 Q: What’s your club called? 🌸
✨ A: I’m currently clubless ✨

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