You Need Free Traffic Now

So you've created a good website full of great content, and all of your marketing ducks are in a row so to speak. But what good is this great site without any traffic? If you had buckets of cash you could dump in paid advertising (like Google Adwords) that might help, but lets face it if you do not do a lot of research and testing . Plus the fact that most of us do not have cash buckets lying around ..

Here's a list of four free methods of attracting that all important traffic for those of us who do not like to pay for stuff ..

1. Forums – Find yourself a list of about five forums in your targeted niche, join up and at at first start reading some posts to get the feel for it. Next it's time to start commenting on some of these posts. Make sure you contribute to the post thoughtfully, not something generic like "I really liked your post" as this is a good way to get banned. Forums allow you to put a "signature" with your comment, enabling you to link to your site. try to do this continuously and you will have great results.

2. Social Networking – Personally I love this. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Squidoo – these are some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the internet. If you approach this properly you can have tons of free traffic going to your site. Sign up and create a profile, write a bit about yourself and put up some pictures of whatever you like (eg. Friends and family – personal stuff so you appear human!) And start adding friends. This is the key to the social networks – make it personal. It is a place for people to gather, and they do not appreciate being heavily marked to. With that being said if you are genuine people will be drawn to that and hey presto, traffic avalanche! Remember to add some links back to your site somewhere in your profile ..

3. Blogs – Set up a blog for your site's target niche and post relevant content to it as often as you can. Once a day if you can. Be sure to add a link back to your site at the bottom of every post.

4. Article Marketing – Last but my no means least is article marketing. This is hugely powerful. I mean there is a good chance you are at an article site reading this right now! Find yourself some good article submission sites and write some ORIGINAL content for your target market. What's that you say – you're not a writer? No problem, you can get articles written for you for cheap these days! If you come up with at least 400 words you will be accepted by just about all submission sites in my experience. Similar to forums you can add a signature box at the bottom of your article linking back to your website. The best thing is that other webmasters consistently monitor these very sites to pinch other people's content – with your link at the bottom! So in essence you have a viral effect spreading your article all over the net .. Sweet.

I hope this helps. Just be sure to be consistent and you can not fail …

Source by Dave Jales

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