Working Models Stop Traffic at Trade Shows

To catch the attention away from your competitors at a trade show sometimes you need to create an eye-catching and engaging display of your product. A working model can often be the answer. A working model takes your product and shows it in action. Demonstrating how it moves and showing its attributes and competitive advantage in an easy to understand way. If “a picture is worth a thousand words” than a working model is priceless! Combine a working model with a cutaway and the internal and external movement of your product is on clear display and your product can tell its story by itself. Working models can be enhanced by lighting, audience activated switches, hand cranks, liquids or even motion activation. They help draw an audience in to get the conversation about your product started. If your goal is to have a crowd around your booth creating energy and interest in your product than a working model can help in that regard. Sometimes the hardest part of a trade show is to get someone to stop walking and start talking. A show-stopping display gets people to stop walking so your salespeople can concentrate on selling your product.

Working models can be difficult and expensive to make due to the nature of the moving parts and the energy needed to make the movement. There is an element of trial and error involved if you are not familiar with the process. The models are usually run by a motor or battery that needs to be the correct size and voltage. Consideration also needs to be taken so that the display does not run continuously which can cause burnout. Because there are many working parts to the display, protective shields or other safety measures need to be taken so that no one is injured while trying to touch or view the display. Acrylic covers can be used on moving areas only so that your product is touchable but the moving parts are not. Finally, the transportation of your display needs to be considered. Working models can be sensitive and should have a permanent container that is designed to hold all parts in place during transit so that when your display arrives at the next show it can stop traffic all over again. With movement, lighting and a well designed and colorful display a working model of your product can sell itself and be the star of the trade show.

Source by Jennifer Sivertson

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