Use Free Product Offers to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Links – The Easiest Home Business Ever

Driving traffic can be done in many ways but one of the most effective and unique ways is to offer free products to generate real qualified traffic to your product or affiliate links. The real key is to try and make sure the hard yards in terms of advertising has been done for you. A recent example of this from Australia is an interesting one, whereby an organization using the hype surrounding the global economic crisis to stimulate interest in their affiliate marketing ecourse by using a network television current affairs program who had a series focusing on "Recession Busting Ideas" . They showed a teenager essentially making money online through the use of free product offers and this generated a lot of traffic to their program.

The program itself involves subscribers who pay a small monthly fee offering free products along with interactive banners which generally route through to affiliate product offer. Subscribers add questions to the interactive banner which members must answer correctly in order to build up points to bid on the free products on offer. The question is naturally answered through the pitch page of the affiliate link or service being offered. The idea is not only to generate traffic but also educate the buyer about the product or service on offer. Multiple interactive adds can be associated with one product increasing the exposure.

The program also offers a course for people new to the affiliate marketing realm to enable them to understand and get started using this program to generate some income on the way. Results so far appear impressive and according to the programs founders a number of new members have had some promising results.

Source by Paul Townsend

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