Updating the Site for Increased Site Traffic


Everything lands on your website and this will either make or break your online marketing campaign. All the efforts performed and methods practiced to promote your website will all fall into the performance of your site.

With this, you must make sure that your website is well-maintained at all times to avoid visitors in bouncing back to their previous page. So, here are the guidelines and tips in updating your site to continue the increase of your site traffic:

Content – Of course, the content says a lot about your website as it is where all the information is being laid out to the viewer. Here are the factors to consider in updating the content of your website:

  • Create quality articles. When we say of good quality, it must be flawless and well articulated to be easily understood by the readers.
  • Post write-ups that are relevant to the nature of your website to automatically hit your target market. Interested visitors have the most possibility to purchase your products of hire your services.
  • Of course, having interesting posts will easily attract more readers as we all know: controversy stirs people's curiosity. Create slyly written posts with witty phrases to inform and at the same time, entertain your readers.

Organization – It is important to organize the content of your site and avoid clutters as this will only distract them in reading the content. Make it simple by providing links to transport them to different subpages of the website.

Navigation – Along with the principle of proper organization, it will be easier for a visitor to go around your website if it has good navigation. Typically, websites have a column where they place links of subpages and other useful links to their sites.

You can allocate a certain part on the home page that features the new updates made on your site. With this, regular visitors do not have to check every subpage to know what's new on the site.

Interactive feature – Being customer-oriented, you can also feature some interactive features on your site to enable viewers to share their insights and comments regarding the site itself or the contents posted. That is why most websites usually have a page dedicated to site viewers since site owner value their statements.

Layout and design – More than the content, it is also important to consider the aesthetic appearance of the website as people are more interested on things that are visually appealing. Along with a simple layout that is easy-on-the-eyes, having a distinct design also gives a signature to your website.

It is also recommended to include interesting images to make your site look playful. But remember to keep the theme and professionalismism by choosing the right images to feature, not just for the sake of stirring curiosity among online visitors.


Source by Jason Nyback

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