Unbiased Wowwe Review – 5 Tips to Getting Free Traffic to Any Website

I’ve read a ton of Wowwe reviews by Wowwe affiliates. I am not affiliated with Wowwe and I’m not interested in signing you up in Wowwe. So, if I didn’t want to sign you up, then why did I write this third-party Wowwe review? I wrote this Wowwe review to give you an unbiased point of view of what Wowwe has to offer, both as an extra income stream and as a quality webinar service at a reasonable price. This review will also be addressing why some people might think Wowwe is a scam or pyramid scheme. On top of all that, this Wowwe review will also cover some helpful tips on driving free traffic to your website.

Wowwe is an affiliate program with an mlm twist. It costs $69.95 to join Wowwe (first month included) and $19.95 a month after that, but it looks like the $69.95 is also an annual fee, so look out for that. From what I’ve discovered, it looks like it’ll cost $289.40 a year to be a Wowwe distributor, which is actually not that bad (Heck, I’ve heard of mlm’s with a minimum monthly auto-ship of $140).

The Wowwe distributor compensation plan is a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix and here’s what it pays out:

* For 3 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 25%

* For 5 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 50%

* For 8 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 75%

* For 10 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 100%

* $25 for each person you sign up

Being a Wowwe affiliate is a bit different from being a Wowwe distributor. Here’s how Wowwe pay’s its affiliates:

* 20% commission on initial set up fees

* 10% commission on monthly usage fees

* 50% commission extras, like annual custom template subscriptions.

Wowwe is definitely a company that shouldn’t be overlooked; just the price alone at under $20.00 a month makes it something to consider. With your Wowwe subscription, you get a host of options that you don’t get with other top video conferencing sites. Some of these options include a maximum of 50 attendees per webinar and advanced reports. Other places, like GoTo Meeting, offers 15 attendees at $39.00 a month, or Go To Webinar offers 100 attendees at $99 a month, so you definitely get more bang for your buck with Wowwe. Here are a few more options you get with Wowwe.

* Unlimited free video email (getting you more sign ups and more conversions than just plain old emails)

* Smart phone friendly

* Social media integration

* Screen sharing and a lot more!

So now for the big question; Is Wowwe a scam or legit and why do some people think Wowwe is a pyramid scheme? The problem lies with the people that hold these views, not with the company. The majority of people simply don’t know any better, and the rest have probably tried Wowwe or a company similar to Wowwe and failed. Here’s the deal when you get into something like Wowwe; you have to forget how easy your sponsor said it will be, because it’s not that easy. I mean, really, wouldn’t everyone already be doing it if it was super easy?

The first thing you need to know is that nobody cares about your Wowwe business! Ouch! I know that’s a tough one to come to terms with, but look at it from the other person’s point of view. Usually people just want to put in their 40 hours a week get paid and do their own thing. When you approach someone about your Wowwe opportunity you have to think about how it will benefit them first. Just think about what your prospect will get out of the deal besides a monthly withdraw from Wowwe.

Here are 5 absolutely free strategies that will help drive traffic to your Wowwe website, but most of all it will help you give something of value to others.

#1 Posting on Forums:

Whatever you’re into you can get a ton of traffic by regularly posting on a few forums. You can target any niche you want, whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, online conferencing, network marketing, affiliate marketing or whatever. All you have to do to find the forum for you is search Google for it. Here’s an example of what you should type in:

“Your Keyword Here” + forum, ex. Wowwe distributor forum

Google will give you a bazillion results so you should only choose the ones with the highest alexa rankings. The forums with the higher alexa rankings are usually the most active ones, thus insuring that you won’t be posting to a site that doesn’t get much traffic.

#2 Blog Commenting:

Commenting on someone’s blog is a good way to drive traffic to your Wowwe website. Find about 10 of the top blogs in your selected niche. After you’ve found the blogs, you want to start reading posts and commenting on them. Blog commenting is a task you can do on a daily or a weekly basis. Your main goal is to post at least 10 insightful comments a week on the latest blog posts, but in order for this to work you have to do it consistently.

Some people might think that blog posting is an obsolete strategy but if you leave a helpful 50-100 word comment on a site that has thousands of visitors and that comment helped those people in some way they may click through to your Wowwe website. Generally if you leave a really good comment people will click on your name because they see the value you bring to the market place.

#3 Guest Blogging:

This method of driving traffic might sound strange but as crazy as it sounds this strategy is a great way to get your Wowwe blog or website on the map. The first thing you need to do is find blogs that accept guest bloggers. Not many sites accept guest bloggers but usually the authority blogs in your niche will. So now that you’ve found some blogs to write for the next step is to write a high quality on-topic article, in return you’re allowed to link that blog post to your site.

The main advantage to getting a post published on a high ranking blog is the mass exposure your content will get (not to mention a killer backlink). Let’s assume that the top blogs in your niche have over 100,000 plus readers. Now let’s say that you find 10 sites that accept your posts, so let’s do the math. Basically your post would go out to over 100,000,000 readers but only about 10% of them will actually read it, so that put’s you at 100,000 readers. Now you’ll probably lose about 20,000 people right off the top that will only read the first few sentences of your post, and move on. So now you’re down to about 80,000 people that have enjoyed reading your entire post and about 10,000 of those people will click through to your Wowwe site.

#4 Article Marketing:

If you’re talking about driving traffic you have to cover article marketing. Article marketing is simply writing an article about your niche and submitting it to article directories. In order to give your articles the best chance of ranking high on the search engines (so people can find your content) you have to target keywords in each article.

Keyword research is a must when you’re doing article marketing. Check out the Google Keyword Tool, if you need to find keywords in your niche. Once you’ve got your keyword figured out now you want to use it in the title, the description and then spread the keyword throughout the article. Article marketing is a fantastic way to generate traffic but there’s way too much information on this subject to cover it now.

#5 Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is a great way to drive traffic to your site. It’s a community of people who ask and answer each others questions. The Yahoo Answers community is huge and there are questions and answers about almost anything. There are two strategies you can use with this kind of traffic generation. On one side you can answer questions and link to your site through the resource box or you can give a really helpful answer and tell the asker that there’s more info at your website. The asker will most likely visit your site along with a few other users.

A good strategy for this type of traffic generation is to answer over 15 questions a day and that can translate into 10+ visitors per answered question. Keep in mind that Yahoo is a very high-ranking site so there’s a good chance that your answers will not only be seen by the Yahoo Answers crowd but it could also rank high on the search engines too, which will create even more traffic to your Wowwe website.

Okay, so there you have it; my Wowwe review and 5 Free tips to get more traffic to your website that won’t cost you any money!

Source by Eric Kalberer

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