Apr 21

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Traffic Marketing | 59 Second Marketer | Brad Antin | Web Traffic – WIIFM

Traffic Marketing | 59 Second Marketer | Brad Antin | Web Traffic – WIIFM

When setting up for traffic marketing it pays to remember that sales prospects Always Want To Know: What’s in it for me? WII-FM.

Whenever you meet a prospective buyer in a sales environment, keep in mind that in their reasoning eventually, they have got the old question coined in the acronym ‘WIIFM’, or to spell it out fully the expression is “What’s in it for me?” (Alternatively, “What’s in it for us?” in the case of a business or corporation). The same applies when it comes to traffic marketing and seeking web traffic.

For the best marketing strategies and marketing ideas, knowing that WIIFM is always in their mind, helps you keep your thoughts very clear, and yourself singularly focused in the present moment. My good friend and one of my joint venture sales and web traffic partners Brad Antin, knows this only too well.

Let me introduce you to a super star of the sales and marketing world both online and off line. Brad Antin, author of best selling book “The Lost Art Of Common Sense Marketing.” Brad has the best traffic marketing strategies and web traffic marketing ideas that can help you turn your business into a profit-producing machine faster than anyone else I know.

In fact when you learn his powerful traffic marketing techniques and web traffic strategies, you’ll instantly gain an almost unfair advantage over all your competitors — an advantage which could flood your business with an endless supply of web traffic which means new customers, clients, accounts practically over night.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Brad Antin speaking. George, a friend and business associate had given me a CD from the Marketing Super Conference that he had just attended in San Diego, California. Brad was amongst 17 top traffic marketing experts gathered to teach entrepreneurs from around the world.

I can vividly recall George saying that for over two spellbinding hours, Brad spilled his ideas to the over flowing crowd.

It was only supposed to be an hour and a half, but the crowd wouldn’t let him off the stage because Brad fired off one hot marketing concept after another with the rat-tat-tat of a moneymaking machine gun.

After that I convinced Brad to tour down-under and I witnessed first hand the entire audience erupt into a thundering standing ovation. At the end of the first session in that seminar we had several people queuing up for private consultations and Brad has since made several of those people many hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of following his marketing advise.

Welcome to Brad Antin’s The 59 second marketer series.

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