The Rebirth and Transformation of Cisco’s Marketing Strategy

“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left.”- Seth Godin

Seth’s claim can be substantiated by a Google search on "content marketing" (aka inbound marketing) that will yield you nearly one billion hits. Content marketing is the practice of online marketing that deliberately uses a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), various social media channels, and blogging to publish content that people will seek-out, find and engage with. But content marketing isn’t just a small business, or even B2C strategy. In fact, some surprising enterprise companies and industry leaders have adopted the strategy of online content production, blogging and social media distribution into their brand building.

Speaking at the recent Content Marketing Strategies ConferenceHeather Meza, head of Digital Media Solutions for Cisco Services Marketing, shared her company’s shift to a content marketing approach. According to Meza, the rebirth of Cisco’s marketing started about two years ago, that relies on change management and innovation principles to ignite change, inspire content creation, and reach enterprise goals. Cisco’s transformation all began when Meza went on maturity leave and began reading about content marketing and strategies. The new-school brand positioning approach resonated. Upon her return, Meza drove content marketing initiatives new passion and commitment to help Cisco provide better content to customers.

Content Marketing Strategies

Today, Cisco’s content strategies included taking control, having more influence, and replacing the old, outdated ways of marketing to customers with an emphasis on providing value. Cisco’s content marketing team uses the following nine steps to drive change and innovation through their content strategies.

1.    Be passionate and take risks

A.   Get educated, become an expert

B.   Lead by example and influence to drive change

C.   Change your mindset around conflict and escalations

2.    Get your first followers

A.   Define why you are doing it and why folks should care

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