Targeted Traffic Building – 4 Simple and Creative Ideas to Build Traffic


It is every web owner's desire to have a huge build up of traffic on his web site. Having this not only spells more money and income but more importantly, it gives you a sense of pride for having such an interesting and well-visited website. Below are some of the simple yet creative and highly impacting ideas to build traffic on your site:

1. You can visit and read other people's web logs and when necessary, leave your own comments and post your opinions on it. By leaving your intelligent comments on anyone's web log, all readers of that web log can become your easy target to contribute in building up the traffic on your site. What you need to do is to make sure that you leave the site address of yours and allow for their visits to come in.

2. You can create some podcasts so that you can target those people who are less inclined to read long articles and documentary materials through the inclusion of voice recorded audios and videos. This is another innovative and creative way to build traffic on your site.

3. You can also engage into joining some forum sites and actively participate in all of their discussions. You can use a signature form to make sure that you are able to leave your contact details like site address or name of the company, probably. You can practically entice anyone who sees you in forum sites if you are able to give practical, useful, and relevant information to them. So, make sure that you are able to provide such high quality information to your readers.

4. Advertise your site by having it published on some site directories. This will allow for your site to be equally visible alongside the other well-known websites that we have on the net.


Source by Sean Mize

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