Succeeding In Network Marketing

I’m writing this article in hopes to reach the people out there that are interested in improving their financial lifestyle. The people that are willing to work for it instead of the people that are looking for the easy button to push. I mean hey we all want the easy button from time to time but when it comes to building a business from home you will need to think in reality, and that means work. Not like shoveling concrete in the sun work, but it will require some persistent effort and not giving up, because that is what 97 percent of people in my business do is give up.

I will be the first to admit it, I have done the same thing, I gave up on the first two business ventures I was involved in. I was expecting to get in tell a few people about my business and then sit back and wait for the snowball effect to take over, and then I would just ride the wave on in to the bank. Many of us have, and many of us have been taught that it would be pretty much like that. I ended up putting quite a bit more money out than I thought I would have to, and when I didn’t see money rolling back in right away, I quit. Sound familiar?

One of the things I would encourage when you are first starting out, is to find a business that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on their products monthly in order to keep you in the game. They do exist, not a lot of them but they are out there. Doing this will allow you to spend money on the other important things you need to buy in order to keep you rolling, like leads, and advertising. These are things you will need without a doubt, the myth about passing out DVD’s to your friends and family is a joke.

Unless you have an unlimited supply of money in your account to pay for advertising, leads, and various means to drive traffic to your site or your phone, it will be good for you to start out small, and learn the methods of marketing to improve your skill set. And while you are doing this it really helps to not be spending a ton of money on a minimum amount of product in the meantime. In most of the network marketing businesses out there today, that is what keeps them growing is that product moving. They of course tell you to buy “samples” that you can pass out to your prospects. Has that worked for you? Really? Not for me.

If you are willing to put some effort into it, take it seriously like it is actually a business then you are already ahead of the game. Many people get into their home based business starting out with the ” I guess so,” mindset. That means they were doomed from the start, they weren’t really going anywhere to begin with. They weren’t really in enough pain with the struggle of living week to week, payday to payday. It didn’t matter enough to them, and it wasn’t really a big deal if they just had to go back to that job. Well it is for me, going back to that struggle is not an option, not now, not ever.

Another important factor is to teach your downline how to do the same things you are doing in order to retain the members in your business. I mean think about it, network marketing is an awesome design. It’s an excellent plan. It’s a ll about people helping people to achieve goals that they never thought they would be able to see. Taking their families on vacations to places they didn’t think they would ever go. If you really want your business to be successful you will have to keep your recruits recruited. If they don’t see any kind of results they’ll drop out, so help them out. Do whatever you have to do to get them going, most of the time all they need is a little push and to see some kind of action.

I’m not saying to build their downline for them, you do that and you are defeating the purpose of the multi levels, right? Just put yourself in their shoes and remember what it was like with you, and the things that helped you to get you going. Doing this will improve your retention rate by leaps and bounds.

Source by Faron Gray

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