Sony Network Media Player (SMP-N200) Review

Everyone is always talking about streaming content like Netflix, or Hulu, and who wouldn’t enjoy those features along with the ability to stream content from your home network on your TV wirelessly?  This is where the Sony Network Media Player (SMP-N200) comes into play.  It has the ability to stream your home network content to your big screen TV plus get other great content like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

The Sony SMP-N200 also has the ability to stream 3D content to your 3D enabled TV.  How does this device stack up with the competition?  Is the quality affected in any way with the wireless streaming?  Can it stream content from my Seagate GoFlex Home Network to my TV like I have been looking for?  We will answer all these questions and more in this review of the SMP-N200 from Sony.

Setting up

So after I do my unboxing of the device and see just how compact this device is do I then fully wonder can it do all that it claims to do?  So I plugged in the HDMI cable and turned it on and went through the initial setup and within minutes I was riding along the SMP-N200 highway.  Which is quite easy to navigate I must say.

Going through the selections you get your options of photos, music, movies, network and Sony’s Entertainment Network.  With the music selection you get a few sub menu’s to choose from -your own home network, Music Unlimited, Slack, Pandora Internet Radio, Berliner Philhamoniker, Lollapalooza Radio, National Public Radio and Moshcam.  Selecting one of those will send you to that apps program and you are off and running listening to music.  Some of these services do require a subscription so just be looking out for that.

In the Video category you get another slew of sub-menus to choose from besides your own home network, you have Video Unlimited (which is just like Music Unlimited just in movie version), Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU, NHL Vault, YouTube,, Crackle (which does have a fine selection of Godzilla movies…BONUS!), 3D Experience, SnagFilms, Dr. Oz, Yoga, Billabong, XOS College Sports, Wired,,, CinemaNow,, Michael Jackson, Inside Sony Pictures, and so much more I don’t want to list.

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