Paid Web Traffic Generation – Guns For Hire For A Targeted Traffic Onslaught To Your Website


Like all traffic techniques you employ, there is going to be a learning curve to mastering paid traffic resources. Tactics that are paid can be costed when done incorrectly. In most cases you should wait on these until such time as you can effectively afford to lose money during the trial and error stages.

There are some traffic generation tactics out there which can be considered extremely effective for bringing targeted traffic to you, however they will cost you. These traffic creation techniques below are all paid advertising methods.

Many new marketers will try out these options without understanding precisely what they are up against with paid traffic sources. Beware of paid sources until you have mastered other traffic strategies.

PPV – These are Paid Per View ads. This type of advertisement is commonly seen as a pop-up or pop-under window. These are almost never thought of by many marketers. They can be extremely effective in driving considering niche traffic to your offers. These can be at a reasonable savings over other paid options as many marketers are not implementing this strategy the costs to advertise are not excessive.

Most vendors offering PPV advertisements will have the means for you to target your ads to specific demographics. This means that your offers are being seen by those people who are highly interested and searching for topics in your markets, as compared to people who simply "Came across your market".

SOLO-ADS – Solo advertisements are similar to emails ads or ad-swaps, with the exception that you are paying someone to send out your e-mail advertisement to a known list. Also referred to as Safe-Lists, these ads are sent to users who have agreed to receive e-mails that knowingly contain advertisements.

Because these lists are maintained based on specific niches and often include those who are highly interested in that topic, these can be a great traffic source. The only drawback is you must have a qualifying offer and use a responsive safe-list. Some lists could have aborted or worked-over so much as to decrease their effectiveness. Finding a good safe-list is key to this tactic.

CLASSIFIEDS – Another tried and true method of traffic generation. Classified ads appear everywhere. Just look at any magazine's back section and you will likely find at least a few pages for classified ads. People reading those publications search those ads to find topics that are in need of. These can be targeted to online and offline publications which means you can gain a good foothold in many households with a single unified campaign.


Source by Derek Wood

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