One-Way Links That Count

One of the best ways to ensure that your web business is going to prosper is getting lots of one-way links. The best links are from sites that closely related to theme of your web. However, it is getting harder to get one-way links that count. Site owners or web masters are either too busy to look at your request or they just not interested to link to your sites.

There is a simple but effective solution, creating your own closely related theme blog at high ranking site. The use of free blog service such as or WordPress are not the greatest since you will need lots of content in your blog before search engines will count that blog into their algorithm. Search engines also know that the blog is belonging to you, which will reduce the weight count.

Think of it this way, if your friend is telling you that this new restaurant is one of the best that she ever been to, you’re more likely to believe her than the owner of the restaurant is telling you, right? The same thing goes with blog that isn’t register under your name. It carries a lot more weight, especially a closely related theme blog. You need a community blog, a blog where it isn’t register under your name. That community blog must also have good incoming links to ensure that Page Rank will pass through to your money making sites.

Why blog? Blog is simple and easy to create. You can add many content related to your site at will. This way each time that you post content to your blog, you can add keywords that you want and have those keywords point to your money making sites. Each keyword will count toward your site page rank calculation. This will greatly boost your webpage Page Rank.

Blogging with a closely related theme is absolutely “white hat” technique. It will count in search engine result for year to come, if not forever. Using this technique has resulted in a brand new site going from Page Rank 0 to receive Page Rank 7 in as little as 9 weeks. If this blogging service can do that to a brand new web site, you can be sure that it will do the same for your money making sites.

Source by Mike Chudej

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