New Research Suggests Vendors Need to Keep Fundamental Objectives of Electronic Health Records in Mind to Develop a Compelling Solution & Value Proposition for Customers.

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Scope of this title:

– EHRs are a catalyst for the healthcare industry but the landscape is in EHR (Electronic Health Records) Computerized medical records that bring patient care into the digital age and save time, money and lives. The push to adopt comprehensive electronic documentation between doctors’ offices and hospital settings intensified after the RAND  systems should meet fundamental requirements

– Vendor solutions should address six categories of features

Report Highlights

Industry efforts to define electronic health records form a valuable foundation for discussions in the US and globally. Nevertheless, too much market noise creates confusion and slows down the process of EHR adoption. Vendors need to keep fundamental objectives of EHRs in mind to develop a compelling solution & value proposition for customers.

Reasons to order your copy:

– Distil industry noise into salient features for electronic health records

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– Highlight compelling electronic health record value propositions

Key topics covered:

– EHRs are a catalyst for the healthcare industry but the landscape is in flux

– Multiple terms and definitions Information sharing See data conferencing.  should drive technology decisions

– Using information to effect change in the industry

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